How to Take More Impressive Instagram Photos

How to Take More Impressive Instagram Photos

Instagram may be easier to use than Photoshop, but that doesn’t mean you can just open the app and suddenly make an average photo extraordinary. If you want to make the most of Instagram, you need to learn how to properly use the tool -just like any other software.


    That’s where Jenn’s Trends comes in. Jenn has created a handy guide to how to make an average photo, like the one above, come alive, like the one below.


      The two most important Instagram tools she suggests mastering are contrast and blur/depth of field, which allow you to make the colors in your images really pop and allow you to selectively focus on one area in your image. She then goes on to suggest some of the best filters for enhanced colors, illuminated centers with dark edges, vintage image styles, improved skin tone and adding new tones to the image.

      Original Source – Jenn’s Trends

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      Last Updated on January 27, 2022

      Misplaced Your Items? Get This Search Party

      Misplaced Your Items? Get This Search Party

      We’ve all experienced that panicked moment, just as we leave the house, when we realise we can’t find our car keys, wallet, phone or house keys. Your mind starts racing to when you last had it and it’s a mad dash to try and locate where the item might be.

      Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way of eliminating that feeling of misplacing your things?

      The Answer to Never Losing Your Items Again

      Tile is a clever and convenient way of locating your lost items using an app on your phone. Place your Tile on any item important to you or things you’re most likely to lose and your phone will use Bluetooth up to 100ft away from the lost item to locate it.


        Lost your phone? All you need to do is double press one of your Tiles to make it ring – even when you’ve left it on silent.

        The ‘Last Place Seen’ Feature to Help Locate Your Left Item

          The phone app will always track where each of your Tile’s is within the 100 ft Bluetooth radius and logs it into a map. This helps you retrace your steps and makes it more likely to locate the item again limiting the worry and increasing peace of mind in your quest to get it back again.

          Includes a ‘Search Party’ Community Feature to Increase Your Chances of Finding Your Lost Item


            Everyone who buys a Tile and installs the app, instantly becomes part of the search party community. When someone walks by your lost item with the app on their phone, it will immediately ping a message to your phone with the item’s location. This is particularly useful if you haven’t necessarily realised your item is even missing and allows you to reunite with it more quickly.

            What Do Tile Users Think of the Product?

            Read any review from a Tile user and you’ll find a happy-ending story in it. From finding their wallet to locating a stolen motorbike, Tile has managed to help thousands of people reunite with their lost items.

            Here’s one story from Paul who lost his wallet while about to board a plane on the way back from a business trip:

            “I travel for work quite a bit. Today was no different, as I traveled to San Francisco for a work meeting and was on my way back home. Upon arriving at SFO, I climbed out of a Lyft, grabbed my laptop bag and suitcase, and headed into the security checkpoint. Unbeknownst to me, my wallet had fallen out somewhere along the way.


            I proceeded to security and it wasn’t until then that I realized what had happened. Right away I pulled up my Tile app. Nothing registered (it was a long walk to security), so I traced my steps backward. As I was doing this with my Tile app open, I passed the airline ticketing counters. Suddenly, the tile app showed I was in range.

            Hoping against hope, I approached counter after counter, asking if a wallet had been turned in. All answered with a resounding, ‘no.’ Feeling a bit defeated, I pressed the button to activate the chime. Airports are noisy places so I couldn’t hear it, but one of the individuals behind the ticketing counter did. Sure enough, two stations over from her was my wallet, dropped in a nondescript box behind the counter.

            Not only was it the app and bluetooth that helped me know it was close, it was the chime that helped us find it. Best of all, my wallet had $400 cash in it. Everything was in my wallet, untouched, including the cash.”

            Why You Should Purchase a Tile and Where Can You Find It?

            This product will:


            • Ring the Tile attached to what you’re trying to find
            • Ring your phone even when it’s on silent
            • Locate the last place your lost item was seen
            • Allow other Tile users to automatically help locate your item and ping the location to your phone
            • Comes in a sleek and discrete design that can attach to any item easily

            But don’t restrict it to wallets and keys, if you have a pet that’s prone to wandering why not attach one to its collar or slip it in your child’s pocket for extra peace of mind?

            Whatever you use it for, you’re guaranteed to never worry about losing your items again!

            Purchase a Tile here.

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