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How To Improve Your Designs, Posters And Reports With Font Pairing




Over on the wonderful online design tool Canva they have created ‘The Ultimate Guide To Font Pairing‘ to help us typography noobs with our typographic needs. Guy Kawasaki, “Chief Evangelist” of Canva, has provided a short, simple typography glossary and four examples of how to pair fonts together so you can “make your designs beautiful, with simple and effective type application”!

These even come with short explanations that really make it clear as to why font pairing is such an important part of design. For example, sans serif based fonts are more legible over images than various other fonts, and contrasting the types of typeface – for instance, round with narrow – can make a much more interesting and satisfying read.

To check out Canva’s entire post and find out all you need to know about font pairing click here.


The Ultimate Guide To Font Pairing | Canva

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