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Here's A Sloth That Will Make You Question Your Tech-Obsessed Lifestyle


Were you planning to avoid an existential crisis brought on by sloth today? Well then, this is awkward…

An anonymous illustrator has created a collection named Slothida Sloth on Tumblr which features a wonderful sloth named Slothida. Slothida is a modern sloth obsessed with her phone, and of course, sleep. On her about page, the illustrator states:

Hi there! I’m Slothilda Sloth, and welcome to my blog. Here you’ll find weekly, fun-filled posts pertaining to my sloth-tacular life.

I enjoy sleeping, tumbling, stuffing my face with food, and doing whatever I want.

Slothida Sloth 

Sure, Slothida may seem like a simple or even silly animation, but many believe she was created to poke fun at our technology-centered society and lifestyles. She takes selfies, lives for ‘likes,’ and spends a lot of her time on the internet; just like a lot of us do.

Are there any similarities between Slothida and yourself? I know I can name a few dozen.



Images: Slothida Sloth

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