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Lifehack Deals: The Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle

Lifehack Deals has a new bundle we’re offering — and it’s a doozy for all of our Mac-using readers! What you’ll get in what we consider to be the best Mac app bundle we’ve ever offered is 9 awesome Mac apps that will level up your Mac productivity to new heights. But that’s not the main reason why we’re calling this our best mac app bundle ever.

That’s because it’s called the Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle.

That’s right…you call the shots. Although the combined value of the apps in this package is valued at $340, you get to name your own price with this Lifehack Deals bundle.

Plus, 10% of your purchase will go to the charity of the ones we have available on the Deals page (EFF/Electronic Frontier Foundation, charity: water, or Stand Up To Cancer). So not only to you get to add to your own Mac productivity cause, but you get to add to another worthy cause in the process.

(You can read all about how the Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle here, such as how the pricing works…)

Here are the apps you’ll get in this Mac app bundle:

  1. Forklift 2: An incredibly advanced file manager
  2. Typinator: A stellar app that “types” frequently used text for you
  3. MacFlux 4: Powerful Mac web design made easy
  4. skEdit: Fast and easy to use web/HTML editor
  5. Jaksta Music Converter: Easily convert music files
  6. MacCleanse 3: Deletes unwanted files so you can get valuable disk space back
  7. iDocument: A simple and smart document management application
  8. iClip: A simple and useful clipboard manager
  9. Sparkbox: Efficiently capture and organize visual inspirations

This bundle has something for everyone, making it a valuable addition to your Mac app toolkit. But this deal isn’t going to be around for very long, so grab it while you can and give back to yourself (and give to a worthy cause) today!


Check out the Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle now!



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