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How to Get Better Sleep After Using a Computer All Day Long

It’s not uncommon to sit in front of computers all day long. It can cause headaches, blurry vision and makes us tired. There is a technical term for these syndromes. It’s called “Computer vision syndrome” (CVS) which is a temporary condition resulting from focusing the eyes on a computer display for protracted, uninterrupted periods of time.Here’s a hack which can prevent you from suffering CVS by providing better lighting for your computer it’s called “f.lux”  and it’s free software you can add to your computer.

f.lux” is a program that adjusts your monitors’ color wavelength by adapting to the time of day, to a warm color at night and similar to sunlight during the day. It makes your display look like the room that you’re in which helps your eyes feel to more comfortable. If your computer keeps you awake at night, you can download f.lux to make sure you get better sleep at night after long hours sitting in front of a computer. (f.lux can be run on Mac, Windows, Linux and iPhone/iPad)

Download f.lux Here


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