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Google on the verge of launching Android TV

Written by Stephan Jukic
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Android TV is apparently just around the corner. In an effort to compete with services like Apple TV and Fire TV, the search engine giant will unveil a new entertainment interface via a device that plugs into your HDTV and lets you watch online films and other videos from your tablet, computer or mobile phone.

According to Google, Android TV promises to be a very different and much more user friendly experience than the utter failure that was Google TV back in 2012. The original TV project had promised to be a revolution in turning “dumb” TV screens into highly interactive extensions of our other computing and internet platforms (Tablets, desktops, etc) and it had totally bombed shortly after rolling out.

With Android TV, the executives at Google seem to have finally realized that they don’t necessarily need to “revolutionize” TV and can instead just let us access wanted digital content while still using our TVs the same as ever.

This is where Android TV fits into the picture. It will offer an easy to use, fluid interface for enjoying digital content from your TV screen without heavily altering the TVs original function. Instead, the Android based platform will let you scroll through a series of shelved mini poster cards that consist of assorted content such as shows, games, films, YouTube clips and apps which you can browse through and pick via remote control.

For more details, check out the original post at The Verge.

Exclusive: this is Android TV 

Featured photo credit: powered-by-android/JD Hancock Photos via farm7.staticflickr.com

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