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Get All Your Notifications to Desktop With Growl

Don’t you wish if you could get all the notifications at one place without having to check your inbox and Twitter account repeatedly? With default notification system of Windows OS being in ridiculed state, this is where ‘Growl’ comes in handy.


Growl will notify you of everything that is taking place in other applications. It will send every notification straight to the corner of your desktop screen instantly even when you are busy doing some other work. Essentially, It makes multitasking a little bit easier for you.


Available for Windows and Mac, Growl lets you know when a download is finished in Chrome or when one of your tweets is retweeted. Similarly, you can configure it to  notify you for virtually anything you like such as; a Facebook update of one of your friends or a new post punished on your favorite website. It can be anything!

It’s can be an essential tool for someone who doesn’t want to repeatedly scrounge the web for updates. If you’d like to give it a go and know more about it, head on to their website.

Source – Growl

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