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Finally, A Portable Charger That Allows You To Charge Anything Anywhere

Written by Michael Cheng
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These days, running out of power is a real concern due to our reliance on electronics. No power means no calls, messages, and emails. It also means you can’t work or do your assignments. Now there’s a device that you can carry around that can supply power to your gadgets and tools anywhere, anytime.


    ChargeAll is a power bank for all your electronics. It has both a USB port and an outlet. You don’t need an adaptor or a converter; you can plug your devices in directly!


      This device is extremely portable. It can fit in large pockets and small bags. It’s also incredibly light. You won’t even notice that you’re carrying around something so powerful.


        ChargeAll comes in two sizes, one for general use, and the other for heavy use. Prices start at $139, which is the early bird special from the company’s Indiegogo campaign (link below).

        ChargeAll – World’s Smallest Portable Power Outlet | Indiegogo

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