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Eliminate Your Cable Bill and Watch Everything Online for Free

Written by Hoi Wan
Hoi is a mobilist who blogs about technology trends and productivity.
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One of the main recurring monthly expenses we have is our cable subscription, and frankly, most of the channels and programs go unwatched. This lifehack lesson will show you how to reduce you cable bill to zero and find the things you like to watch online for free. As a bonus, reducing your cable bill will also give you more time because it will case you to actively select which programs you really want to watch and reduce a lot of the aimless flicking around that occurs when we have far too many channel options.

This lesson is free for the first week. A subscription for Lifehack lessons costs $4.99 per month and provides access to all previous and future lessons. Here is an excerpt from this weeks lesson.

The Money

Figure out your monthly budget. It’s a good idea to take a look at your cable bill. Many times people just have their bills automatically deducted out of their checking account don’t really pay attention to how much they’re spending. Take a look at the monthly cost of the cable (or satellite) portion of your monthly bill. Take that amount and multiply by 12. Are you paying for a phone line you never use too? Figure that into the equation.

A quick look at some of the current promotions on some of the cable company sites show by eliminating the cable and phone portion of the bill and keeping the internet, you can save anywhere is from about $60 to $110 a month or more. Keep in mind you’ll need to take into consideration the cost of any kind of termination fees that might apply if you’re in contract.

Your Shows

Something else to take into consideration are the shows you watch pretty religiously. If you can still have access to these shows, making the change to no cable will be a lot easier.

Time Spent Watching

Take a look at how much time you actually spend watching TV every day or even every week. You’ll actually be surprised. While reflecting on what you watch and how often you watch it, look at the services you’re using. Are you using on demand services? Are you watching more TV shows than movies? What channels or networks do you watch the most? Are you using a specific package such as NHL® CENTER ICE® more than the other TV channels? *Do you have an HD TV and do you utilize the HD channels?

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