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CruxENCORE Turns Your iPad Air into a Laptop

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CruxENCORE Turns Your iPad Air into a Laptop

One of the biggest challenges of owning an iPad is typing on it. Sure, it’s easy to type short status updates and text messages, but what about long emails and documents? There are many types of keyboard available for the iPad, but none of them are as stylish or as functional as the CruxENCORE.

The beautiful anodized aluminum case comes in multiple colors, and includes a 360-degree hinge. The flexible hinge makes it easy to use your iPad Air in four different positions: Laptop Mode, Movie Mode, Tablet Mode and Carry Mode. There’s also the amazing rechargeable 360 mAh Lithium-ion battery that will give you over a month of use between charges.

At a quick glance, you might almost think you’re looking at a mini Macbook. With many other impressive features and optional goodies, the CruxENCORE is the perfect accessory that turns your iPad Air into a laptop.

CruxENCORE (iPad Air Laptop) | Kickstarter

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