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Design Your Own Hipster Logo

There are three very important steps for any Hipster looking to launch their own venture.

First up – wardrobe and style essentials. You’ll need a pair of wide-frame glasses, a beard, skinny jeans, a beanie and a T-shirt displaying a wolf howling at the moon.

Second, choose among one of the following enterprises: grown and can your own organic vegetables, repair fixed gear bicycles, hand make allergen free soaps or whip up an authentic, artisan baked good or cheese.

Finally, no Hipster business would be complete without its very own Hipster Logo. Thankfully, graphic designer Tim Delger created a step-by-step guide to crafting a sleep hipster symbol any purveyor or craftsman would be proud of.


Once you nail down a name and a color scheme, Deleger’s guide will help you hack your way to a hipster logo in no time. By combining icons and banners, with keywords and typeface the business branding process will be a breeze.


The Hipster Logo Design Guide | Tim Delger

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