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Control Your Light Switch Using Your Digital Device, Using Bluetooth


Can’t reach the light switch? No problem. Use your phone instead.

Bluegic is a bluetooth wall switch that works on most digital devices. The best part is, you don’t need a router. No more dealing with messy cords and complex links. All you have to do is replace the light switch and sync the system with your phone.

The useful product has additional features including a timer. For added security, users can set a password, preventing intruders from accessing controls to the light switch. With Bluegic, you can also turn on the lights as you pull in the garage for a dramatic entrance.

Lights can be turned out automatically if you’re within the portal’s range. You may never need to touch the switch ever again!

If your light switches are awkwardly located across a darkly lit room, you definitely need Bluegic in your home. Smart homes are now safer and within reach thanks to technology from Bluegic.

Bluegic – Bluetooth Wall Switch | Indiegogo

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