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Clean Up Your Inbox With Swizzle

Just about every email user is plagued with the same problems, and the busier you are, the bigger the problems become. While spam filters tend to do a pretty decent job keeping total junk out of our inboxes, commercial emails and newsletters are another matter -especially since you might actually want to read some of these. Fortunately, Swizzle is here to help you clean up your inbox.

swizzle demo

When you sign up with Swizzle, it will fist scan your emails collecting all the commercial emails, newsletters, deals, coupons, etc. already in your inbox. The site will then allow you to chose which you want to keep receiving and which can be trashed. Finally, Swizzle will create a daily digest of the emails you still want to receive so you can clean up your inbox while still getting the bulk emails you care about.

Official Site – Swizzle

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