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Chrome's Dev Trial Version Brings Chrome OS into Windows 8

Chrome has had a metro, or modern app, version that Windows 8 users have been able to enjoy for quite a while. However, the existing version is nothing spectacular. Sure, it has the full-screen aesthetics of a modern app and is easier to use with a touch-screen device, but beyond that it offers nothing over the desktop version of the browser. Google looks to be changing that in the near future.

In Chrome’s latest Dev Channel Release, the boring metro app has been replaced with what appears to be a stripped-down version of Chrome OS. Clicking its jet black tile opens a Chrome environment complete with a Chrome OS style app launcher, multi-window support, snapping and its own power button.

Though this is still a trial version of the software, any fans of Chrome OS will likely be excited by what they see. Before you get too happy though, you’ll only be able to use this feature on full-versions of Windows 8 as RT only supports IE as of yet. You’ll also need to make the Dev Channel version of Chrome your default browser.

If you think this feature is as cool as we do, make sure to spread the word. Like and share to ensure Google knows we want to see this officially released.


Original source: The Verge, Google is Building Chrome OS Straight into Windows 8

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