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Can You Replace Windows Entirely With Ubuntu?

Can You Replace Windows Entirely With Ubuntu?

APCMag has gone through all the trouble of trying out an Ubuntu Linux installation and replacing everything they normally use Microsoft Windows for.

The upside is obviously the open-source and free aspects of Linux, but are their other clear benefits?

And what about the areas Ubuntu excelled? All the important ones — all the key applications were there and worked wonderfully for me to use it as a working desktop, ie. to actually do my business with. The bundled applications including Firefox, Office, printing and the necessary media players for me to watch my Anime means I had everything at finger tips, once they were properly setup. All the issues aside, and after the myriad issues I discovered were fixed, the desktop served me well.

It’s a very in-depth tutorial that should serve well for anyone thinking of making the switch – or just adding another OS to their repertoire.

SUPERGUIDE: The Open Source Challenge. How to replace Windows completely with Ubuntu. – [APCMag]

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