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Bring Your iPhone To Life Using Natural Radiation

How smart is your iPhone case?

Like most people, your mobile case probably has a simple, sole function to protect your device from dust, water and wear and tear.

The creators of the Lunecase aims to change that with their latest Kickstarter campaign. For those who are looking for the perfect mobile case, look no further.

The Lunecase uses electromagnetic energy to project notifications on the back of the case.

No installation is required. Simply snap on the case and you’re good to go.

The notifications vary from calls to text. This case is ideal for people who always have their phones on silent mode, but need other forms of notification.

Perhaps the best feature of the Lunecase is its ability to function without a battery or maintenance. I highly recommend this gadget for individuals who are always caught up with meetings. Alternatively, students who attend lectures on a daily basis may benefit from this case.

Lunecase – Bring the back of your iPhone to life! | Kickstarter


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