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BlueOrganizer: Smart Browsing Tool for Firefox

BlueOrganizer is a Firefox extension that ties information from all of your favorite sites into your “right-click” menu. BlueOrganizer “works to help you simplify and organize your life online.” The following description describes BlueOrganizer quite well:

It understands that you and your friends are dealing with everyday objects, like movies, books, restaurants, wines and cars. BlueOrganizer connects those objects with the tasks you want to get done online by instantly connecting your favorite Web sites to each other. Do stuff like this:

  • Looking up movies on Amazon? Rent one of them on Netflix instantly.
  • Reading an article on iPods? Compare prices on PriceGrabber with one click!
  • Create a Jack Johnson station on Pandora.
  • Reserve a restaurant on OpenTable right from the restaurant review page.
  • Look up a map on google without typing a thing!
  • Find out what bloggers are saying about the latest New York Times bestseller.

BlueOrganizer also understands that your information is currently scattered across the Internet. To better use that data, BlueOrganizer helps to easily consolidate and cross-pollinate your information throughout different blogs, web sites and web services.

BlueOrganizer Extension – [Adaptive Blue]

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