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Automatically Take Photos As You Go With the Narrative Clip

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Automatically Take Photos As You Go With the Narrative Clip

What are some the most memorable moments of your life? You can probably remember some as if they happened yesterday, while others have completely faded away. What if you could relive those moments over and over again whenever you wanted to? Luckily you can with the Narrative Clip, a tiny wearable life-logging camera that will automatically take photos (two per minute) as you go about your daily life. As long as you’re wearing it, it takes photos; as soon as you put it down or in your pocket, it stops.

Since a picture really is worth a thousands words, the Narrative Clip is the perfect tool for documenting every moment that counts in your life. No longer do important moments or events have to be just a distant memory. With the Narrative Clip, you can simply look back at photos taken throughout your life and relive them all over again; it basically gives you the ability to have a photographic memory.

With the companion Narrative app, you can then use your iPhone or Android device to look and search through all of your amazing life-logged photos. Are you ready to document your life?

Automatic Lifelogging Camera | Narrative

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