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Atlas is an Advanced All-in-One Wearable Fitness Tracker

If you’re into fitness and looking for an easy way to track all of your different activities, evaluate your form, count your reps/sets and calculate how many calories you’ve burned, you’re in luck; Atlas is the perfect technology for you. It’s a new all-in-one wearable fitness tracker that is sure to impress fitness junkies as well as personal trainers.

Atlas is currently the world’s first fitness tracker that can literally track every type of exercise. This means that whether you’re doing push-ups, sit-ups, bicep curls or something else, Atlas will know; it’s that smart. As you’re working out, you’ll see live feedback regarding the type, speed and quality of your exercises. The video below shows the wristband in action; you’ll want to see this.

Of course, Atlas can also sync with your phone (iOS only, Android coming soon) so that you can see even more details and data regarding your workouts. For instance, it will show you what muscle groups you’ve been focusing on and even suggest areas to focus on next. Plus, it’s compatible with a few other popular fitness apps – ones that you’re more than likely already using.

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Atlas: The First Fitness Tracker that Actually Tracks Your Workout | Indiegogo

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