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Ask Reader: What's your dream app for the iPhone 3G?

Now iPhone 3G is out and it is all about high speed on-the-go Internet and “location, location, location” – thanks to 3G and GPS. What is your dream app you love to install but no one has developed it yet?

Here is my list of dream iPhone apps:

  • One-the-go Dining guide. Recommends the best restaurants based on my location, with user feedback, photos and ability to display their locations on Google Maps.
  • Real turn-by-turn GPS navigation system. Looks like Apple will improve the handset’s GPS function on iPhone 2.1 update, so finger crossed on the actual turn-by-turn GPS is being developed.
  • Location-based Music sharing. I would love to share my musics (or listen to others’ favorites) with the people near me.
  • Video recorder with geotagging. Similar to AirMe, but for video. There were some video recorders on the jailbroken iPhone. Let’s introduce it on the iPhone 2.0 with geotagging, folks.
  • Social Networking with location-awareness. Facebook, I want to see if any of my friends are nearby.
  • Location-aware contact list. A drop-in replacement for the default contact list, which can auto-filter any contacts who are in a predefined radius. This is useful if I want to filter my large contact lists to show only contacts in my current city or town.

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