Asana Levels Up with an All-New Redesigned iPhone App

Asana Levels Up with an All-New Redesigned iPhone App

I’ve been an Asana user pretty much since the day it launched. We use it here at Lifehack to manage collaboratively, and while i’ve switched back to OmniFocus for individual task management I still use Asana more often throughout the day due to the nature of my work. But the mobile app has always left me wanting more. It just didn’t handle things nearly as well as I needed it to, and so I avoided using it more often than not.

Well, today the Asana team unveiled the next version of its iPhone app. And it is much improved over its predecessor.


They’ve essentially redesigned and rebuilt it from the ground up. In this iteration of the iPhone experience, the focus is around adding tasks quickly – which is what the previous version was lacking. Adding a task to the new Asana iPhone app is both quick and robust in that it offers you the ability to add quick notes, tags, and due dates. You can also add followers to a task and put the task into a project immediately.


    The interface flows better as well. The user can now swipe to get back to different Workspaces and Projects, but they can also press navigation buttons as well if they prefer. You can view things in your Workspaces by Project, Tag or People with just a touch of the screen, and you can view all the tasks assigned to you in a quick and easy manner.


      They’ve also improved how the app handles commenting on tasks, which is one of the things that makes Asana work so well as a system. I’m glad they’ve levelled up the feature on the iOS platform.

      The look of the app is more polished as well. It simply looks and feels better, making it more pleasurable to use – which is crucial for a task management app.


        That said, one of the things missing from Asana Mobile is the incorporation of Asana Inbox. I’ve been using that feature more and more as it has really played a huge role in keeping my email inbox from filling up as quickly. Bringing this feature to the iPhone app may be a tall order, but according to Asana’s Kenny Van Zant, “that is not too far behind”.

        All in all, this is a huge step forward for Asana. I used to shy away from using it on my iPhone, but the new interface and overall redesign has made my latest Asana mobile experience a far more efficient and exquisite one.

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