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Are Your Apps Collecting Your Personal Data?



In July 2012, an Appthority App Reputation Report reviewed the top 50 Android and Apple apps to see how they behaved, particularly regarded collection of personal data.

Regarding Android based apps, 20% of the top 50 apps are created by google, where no other developer has even 6%. Apple only owns 2% of the top 50 apps on their App Store, and 92% have been created by unique developers which solidifies the idea that the days of top software developers running the business are over. Half of the top 50 IOS apps are games, where Android is lead by entertainment apps.

The bad behaviour of apps becomes clear when we regard personal and corporate data collection. 96% of IOS and 84% of Android apps can access your contacts, location, calendar or ad network. Although it’s easy to assume more relaxed apps such as games are more likely to access your sensitive data, it is almost as common in business, finance and health related apps.

Are Your Apps Behaving Badly? | Appthority

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