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Add comments to any Web site


zpeech is an application that lets you add comments to any Web site. All you need to do is add “” to the first part of a Web site’s domain name. Checkout and you will see a message I left. Like I said, this works on any Web site, even Web sites without a built in commenting system. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

You can discuss any website on any website with only one tool, now!

  • 1. You “eternalize” your opinions, comments, criticism, ideas, experiences, suggestions, hints or help on any website
  • 2. Other zpeechers read your comments and join your worthwhile discussion or open an additional discussion

With zpeech every Internet user can publish his opinion on any website of the world now. And he can do it on the website itself.

We think this is a real innovation and to exaggerate a little bit – it adds a new dimension to the internet. The zpeechboards are like a matrix over all websites. – freedom of zpeech! – []

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