8 Great Smartphone Games That Will Help You Wind Down

8 Great Smartphone Games That Will Help You Wind Down

No matter the age, type of work we do or the situations we get into with those closest to us, it’s safe to say that everyone needs a bit of a breather from time to time, particularly at the end of a very long and frustrating day. Sometimes we just need to shut off, kick back and immerse ourselves in a meaningless and fun little activity. Since smartphone games are the best escape from reality and given the fact that they are readily accessible to everyone with a smart phone no matter where they might find themselves it’s a good idea to pack your phone full of these little stress relievers. In this article we will look into some very interesting games that will suck you in and help take your mind off everyday problems. These are great games that take different approaches to helping you relax – e.g. by making you focus, think, laugh or just allowing you to vent.

Doodle God

Doodle God

    A fun and innovative concept that doesn’t really include any serious action, complex story or complicated game dynamics, Doodle God gives you a perfect chance to have some simple fun just for the sake of having fun. You start off with the traditional four elements – water, wind, earth and fire – which you can combine to get new ones. The new elements can be mixed with other elements, and you are encouraged to create some interesting combinations. There are over 100 different combinations – anything from storm to planes and dinosaurs.

    Not all items can be combined so there is some experimentation and guesswork involved, and there are funny “facts” about the new elements you create that will make you chuckle and even laugh out loud. If you can’t find any new combinations for three minutes you’ll get a hint, so you can’t really get lost or frustrated with the game, and it will definitely engage your mind enough to make you forget your troubles for a while.

    Get Doodle God for iPhone or get the Android version.

    Crayon Physics


    Crayon Physics

      I can’t speak for everyone when I say that smartphone games with unique and clever art styles are the ones that draw you in the most, but from what I’ve seen this is true for most people. Crayon Physics is, as the name suggests, a physics game, but what’s unique about it is that it combines clever physics-based puzzles with a cute art style and very unique mechanics. Your objective on each level is seemingly simple – get the little red ball across the level to the yellow star – but you accomplish it by drawing different objects which are then brought to life by the games physics engine and behave in a way an object of a similar mass and shape would here on earth.

      It is incredibly fun and the simple crayon drawing look really hammers home the idea that you are using a magical crayon that brings drawings to life. The gentle music, addictive game play and the fact that you can play the levels over and over are more than enough to let your mind cool off while you explore your creative side.

      Get Crayon Physics for iPhone or get the Android version.

      Bad Piggies

      Bad Piggies

        From the creators of arguably the greatest time killer in recent gaming history, Angry Birds, comes a fun spin off featuring the green pigs we all love to hate. The goal is to get your pigs from the starting point to the finish line using custom-made transportation devices. These contraptions are put together using a variety of different items like fans and soda bottles that you attache to your basic boxes in different ways. This new smartphone game is noticeably more difficult than Angry Birds and it takes a high level of precision to go through a given level, but after you get used to the mechanics and the various tools you won’t be able to put the phone down.

        Getting stuck on a level may be a little frustrating, but the feeling of accomplishment you get when you complete a level with a three star rating is incredible – it will pump you up with so much euphoria that it can easily put you in a great mood, even after an emotionally draining and exhausting day.


        Get Bad Piggies for iPhone or get the Android version.

        The Room

        The Room

          A serene setting with light music, stunning graphics and complex puzzles – this is what The Room is all about. The instant you start playing you will lose yourself in the atmosphere and laser focus on the tasks ahead of you. There is whole story behind it, but to avoid spoilers let’s just say that you are in a room with an incredibly intricate safe that requires a fair amount of problem-solving skills and patience to unlock. You are faced by puzzle after puzzle, each more complicated than the previous one, and will be left scratching your head for a good few hours. It is incredibly interesting, beautiful and forces you to think hard, effectively freeing your mind from all else.

          Get The Room for iPhone or get the Android version.

          Master of Craft

          Master of Craft

            A refreshing break from the standard RPG formula, Master of Craft has the hero running a town with item shops – like one of the hundreds of shops we’ve bought swords and potions from in classical RPG’s without giving a second thought to where those items came from. You use raw materials that are gathered from different locations – a simple sawmill provides you with twigs at the beginning – and can send heroes on adventures to bring you back rare items and materials that they take from a variety of enemy creatures. To make it possible for them to defeat more powerful creatures you have to craft more advance equipment, but you can’t take control of the battles other than using some of the skills you pick up. It is great fun and lets you be creative, although it does take a bit of grinding for materials here and there. You will be able to spend a stress-free afternoon playing the game, just crafting away and sending out expeditions.


            Get Master of Craft for iPhone or get the Android version.

            Cut the rope: Time Travel

            Cut the rope Time Travel

              The cartoonish art style, cute characters and fun mechanics are Cut the rope’s main selling points, and they are incredibly persuasive at that. You play an incredibly cute little green monster named Om-Nom who enjoys eating candy, and you will be required you to complete a physics puzzle to get the candy to him. This is accomplished by cutting various ropes and trying to figure out the right sequence of moves, as well as working on your timing. In this version you also get to meat several of Om-Nom’s ancestors from different time periods and you switch from era to era as the levels progress. This does little, except change the general theme, but it is entertaining nonetheless. This awesome smartphone game is intuitive, has nice audio, is not very difficult and the cute little monsters will definitely put a smile on your face.

              Get Cut the Rope: Time Travel for iPhone or get the Android version.

              Nimble Quest

              Nimble Quest

                Similar to the old school game “Snake” you move a long line across a limited field and try to avoid obstacles – only this time it is no ordinary line. You actually lead a group of small heroes which form a snake-like formation, maneuvering them around the levels. You pick up diamonds and battle some creative enemies, the objective being to clear a given level by killing a set number of enemies without losing your heroes. You have one hero at the start, but others keep joining your cause as the game progresses, so your line of heroes grows and you have to be careful about how you move them. They strike and fire off abilities automatically when in range and you can’t stop their forward motion, only guide them. It can be a bit challenging at times, but it keeps you concentrated on what’s in front of you as there is no time for idle thoughts when you have to make quick tactical decisions. You will definitely have a great time playing this game on your smartphone.


                Get Nimble Quest for iPhone or get the Android version.

                Real Boxing

                Real Boxing

                  Last, but certainly not the least, we have an incredibly well-executed boxing game that has you focusing on issues like timing, stamina and tactics. Tapping and swiping will allow your guy to throw straight and hooked punches respectively, you can cover up and there is a practice mode where you can get acquainted with the controls by throwing punches at a heavy bag. The graphics are excellent – based on the Unreal engine – and you really get the feeling that you are right in the middle of the brawl. This is a great way to let off some of that pent up frustration without having to actually flail your arms in the air.

                  Get Real Boxing for iPhone or get the Android version.

                  These are some popular smartphone games that are incredibly good time killers and stress relievers that you can spend a few hours playing to relax your mind in your spare time.


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                  Published on November 9, 2018

                  How to Improve Your Computer Skills to Get Ahead in Your Career

                  How to Improve Your Computer Skills to Get Ahead in Your Career

                  Technology has taken the business world by storm. People and businesses are progressively reliant on technology world these days. As a result, the people with impressive knowledge and experience with a computer are in demand.

                  Considering this growing market trend, if you too wish to bag a profitable job, this article is apt for you. Here, we will dig deeper into the business and technology world to look into what are the best computer skills one should invest in and what resources to get help from.

                  So, are you ready? Here we begin.

                  6 Most-In Demand Computer Skills This Year (and Beyond)

                  When talking about computer skills, following are the 6 computer skills that can fill your mailbox with endless job opportunities (besides, having an English and Hindi typing speed of 40+ WPM):-

                  1. Spreadsheets and Databases

                  Considering the treasure trove of data companies are handling these days, Spreadsheet and Database management skill tops the list. It is considered the most wanted job skill in the market, with a salary of around $53,129/yr for an entry-level position. However, the spreadsheet skill does not confine to auditing data from cells.

                  To get hired based on this computer skill, you need to become a Spreadsheet ninja. From storing data to organizing them, applying complex mathematics formulas, and creating complex macros, you need to be an expert at all.

                  In other words, you need to have an expertise at working with:

                  • Microsoft Excel
                  • Microsoft Access
                  • Statistics
                  • Data Analytics
                  • Adobe Campaign
                  • Quickbooks
                  • XML Database management system
                  • Filemaker Pro
                  • MATLAB
                  • Hive
                  • FORTRAN
                  • RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)
                  • SAS

                  2. Social Media, Email, and Blogging

                  Though people are socially active, not everyone knows how to use the social media tools on the professional front. In such a scenario, having an expertise at writing engaging yet professional emails, writing blogs, and managing social media activities is a ticket to entry in reputed organizations.

                  Some of the skills related to social media, email and blogging that will have a leg up in the hiring process are:

                  • Content Management System (CMS)
                  • Google Analytics
                  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
                  • Email Marketing
                  • Web Page Design
                  • WordPress
                  • Digital Media
                  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
                  • Campaign Management Software

                  3. Graphic Design and Word Processing

                  A solid grasp of skills to present the gained information in the much readable form is another market need. When considering this computer skill category, you need to enhance your skills at:

                  • Adobe Photoshop
                  • Adobe InDesign
                  • Adobe Illustrator
                  • AutoCAD
                  • CorelDRAW
                  • Microsoft Visual Studio
                  • Maya
                  • Microsoft Word
                  • Microsoft Publisher
                  • Operating Digital Cameras

                  4. Software and Hardware Design and Development

                  The Software and Hardware development, in simpler language, means designing, implementing, and testing the computer software/hardware applications. It is the most profitable computer skill, with a different job opening, including Software Architect, Software Analyst, Software programmer, Hardware configuration, etc.

                  To be capable of developing and testing the software and hardware, you need to peruse your users’ needs and build an application that hits their pain points. You need to work with different web and mobile app coding languages for gaining the attention of your audience, some of which are:

                  • HTML
                  • C/C++
                  • Java
                  • Python
                  • XML
                  • UI/UX
                  • LINUX
                  • CISC and RISC architecture
                  • Embedded Processor Hardware Design
                  • Memory Management
                  • PCB Layout
                  • SQL

                  5. IT Troubleshooting

                  Working on computers is one thing and having a knack of looking into the associated issues and resolving them in real-time is another. There are various employees and graduates who work with computer systems in their daily lives, but get confused when it comes to dealing with frozen programs and performing routine maintenance.

                  So, if you are familiar with the basic anatomy of computers and machines and know the tricks to perform such tasks to streamline the working process, enter the IT support arena. The prime IT troubleshooting skills one needs to work upon are:


                  • Backup management
                  • Diagnostics
                  • End User support
                  • Client-Server management
                  • Installation and configuration
                  • Issue tracking system (ITS)
                  • System administration
                  • Tech support

                  6. Enterprise Systems

                  Many Enterprises have their own enterprise solutions like PeopleSoft for managing their data and operations.

                  Becoming a master at using the enterprise solutions mentioned in their ‘Requirements’ area can also lessen the barrier to get a job.

                  The Roadmap to Excel Your Computer Skills

                  Now that you know the 6 most popular computer skills in the market, the first decision, you need to take is which computer skill you want to work upon. All the skills are equally considerable for making a career ahead. So, choose one as per your interest.

                  Once done, look forward to the following resources for boosting your computer skills and getting a reputed, handsome job.

                  Depending on the computer skill you opt, here are the online courses you can turn to for elevating your career opportunities:

                  1. Become a Spreadsheet and Database Ninja

                  a. Microsoft Excel Training Online Course – Basic & Advanced

                  Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert at working with spreadsheets, this online course has something new for everyone to become excel efficient users.

                  Divided into 48 interesting lessons, the course empowers you to learn the technique of using mathematical, statistical, logical and text functions, sorting and filtering the data, creating Pivot Tables, building macros, finding a value with VLOOKUp, and much more.

                  b. Excel- Online Courses, Classes, Training, Tutorials on Lynda

                  This is another impressive course to unlock the power of Excel. Designed for people from all walks of life and familiarity with Excel tools. This course helps you gain in-depth knowledge from the experts about this data-analyzing tool and make the magic in spreadsheet creation and management process.

                  c. SQL & Database Design A-Z™: Learn MS SQL Server + PostgreSQL

                  Build a successful career in the data analytics world with this online course.

                  Revolving around the two top databases, MS SQL and PostgreSQL, this course will give you a comprehensive knowledge of the working of the databases and understanding of all the related elements, including how to create, update, organize, and safeguard the data.

                  2. Rule the Social Media World

                  a. Free Social Media Course by HubSpot


                  Introduced by the top experienced inbound professors from Hubspot, here you will get a comprehensive knowledge of Social media marketing.

                  From understanding how to build relationships on different social media platforms to creating a perfect strategy to engage them, leveraging the benefits of social advertising, and analyzing your social media ROI, this course will bring out the best out of you.

                  b. Write Professional Emails in English by Coursera

                  This online course will be the right weapon to look into the differences and similarities between different email styles, improve your English writing skills, write effective subject lines, maintain the formality tone in emails, and more to make a powerful impact on the receivers with your email.

                  c. Ninja Writing: The Four Levels of Writing Mastery

                  Founded by Udemy, this online course will excel your skills to build a masterpiece everytime you write.

                  Here, you will get the guidance from the editors of the top newspapers and websites, and understand what kind of words and tone to use for leaving a spellbinding impact on the readers.

                  3. Launch Your Own Software or Hardware Equipment

                  a. Hardware and Software Courses by Coursera

                  From Big Data to IoT, Sensor Circuit Design, Embedded Software and Hardware Architecture, and Motor Control Circuit, this course will give you a glimpse of all the hardware devices, equipment, and programming languages to build wonders.

                  b. Free Software and Web Development Certifications Online by Alison

                  Become the software developer market demands with Alison’s Java, C#, Python, R, PHP, or MySQL database course. From backend to frontend development and software testing.

                  The course helps you to learn how to design, develop and test software and working in a team while contributing to the team success.

                  c. Free Online Software Development and MOOCs Course by Class Central

                  The Class Central online course will make you a master of software development. Here, you will learn the basic concepts of development like Agile, Design Patterns, and Version Control with Git, along with gaining experience of working with the top programming languages.


                  4. Live and Breathe Creativity

                  a. Udemy: Introduction to Graphic Design

                  It is a top-rated program for the new learners and designers to explore the Graphic Design world.

                  From the history of communication to the design principles, the course will help the students to learn everything specifically and implement in the real world.

                  b. Canva Design School

                  From a beginner to advanced level, this course will provide you with an elaborated and comprehensive knowledge of graphic design. In the form of 4 modules, this course will help the interested graphic designers to try out their skills at Graphics, ranging from fonts to colors, backgrounds, images, shapes, and layouts.

                  c. Microsoft Word – Basic & Advanced

                  62 personalized lessons, premium video tutorials, and unlimited tests and quizzes – this certified course has everything that will make your entry to the business world easier.

                  d. Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and Access Productivity Bundle

                  The course will make you productive in Word, Excel, and Access through video lectures, articles, and various other supplemental resources.

                  Besides, it will offer you exclusive tips and tricks to enhance your skills at using Microsoft office.

                  5. Raise Your Reflexes to IT Troubleshooting

                  a. IT Troubleshooting Skill Training by Udemy

                  IT Troubleshooting Skill Training will upgrade your logical concepts over technical components to find and repair faults.

                  It will provide you with a methodological approach to learn the basics of troubleshooting, practice them via exercises and drills, and enhance your IT troubleshooting intelligence.

                  b. IT Help Desk Online Course on Lynda


                  The Lynda’s IT troubleshooting online course will train you how to respond to the issues related to Windows 10, Office 365, JIRA software, and more, from a local as well as a remote location.

                  Mobile Apps and Websites to Enhance Computer Skills

                  The aforementioned online courses will undoubtedly train you for a successful career ahead. But, in case you want a long-term support, turn towards the following websites and mobile apps:

                  • Duolingo – Duolingo app will improve your spoken and written communication skills in different languages. With the magic of gamification added to the study, the app will make learning a fun and addictive task.
                  • Hemingway – Hemingway app defines the length, complexity, and common errors associated with the sentences. In this way, it helps you to write effectively and go ahead in the career.
                  • Udemy – The Udemy, with its 2000+ courses, is a great platform to master new skills, advance your career and explore the newer technologies and programming languages. Enrol a course as per your budget and make a brighter future.
                  • eDX – eDX is yet another commendable platform you can look forward to. The platform offers you the best of the tutorials prepared by the business professionals and technology experts, ensuring a great boost in your computer skills.
                  • Excel Easy – Excel Easy, as the name depicts, will make working with Excel easier for you via their detailed tutorials and 300+ real-life examples.
                  • GCF – It is a one-stop platform for accelerating your future in the computer world. From graphic design to Microsoft Office, resume writing, enhancing adaptability, and much more, the top experts will guide you with everything on this platform.
                  • QuarkXPress – The QuarkXPress will aid you to add soul to your design with its unparalleled collection of font style, size, and typography. The best part is that it is avails all the options in different languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian to name a few.

                  Bonus: Tips to Accelerate Your Approach For a Better Career Ahead

                  Though these resources will make you stand out from the crowd and get hired at once, you need to focus on various other things, such as:

                  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

                  It is common to forget what we learn. To ensure that you do not miss any opportunity just because you forgot, keep practising.

                  Make it your routine. Polish your computer skills and you will surely end up getting an offer letter from a recognized firm.

                  2. Work on Your Efficiency

                  Remembering what you learned is not enough; practice to enhance those skills to do better.

                  For example, if you take around 50 minutes to create a design, target for 40 minutes.

                  3. Look for Shortcuts

                  Smart work rules over hard work more often. So, look forward to learning shortcuts to do any task. This will increase your chances to crack an interview and get selected.

                  4. Apply for an Internship

                  Last but not the least, apply for an internship to see what’s trending in the market and how much you are ready for it. While doing an internship, pay attention to your weak points and work on them. This will ensure a success when you apply for your dream job.

                  By the late, it’s never too late to be an intern or grab whatever opportunity to learn something new! Here’s how:

                  How to Start Over and Reboot Your Life When It Seems Too Late

                  The Bottom Line

                  Seeing the current market scenario, it is evident that having computer skills is a boon for a better career ahead.

                  So, rather than struggling with thousands of other things and trying to crack interviews, focus on the computer skills mentioned in this article. Utilize the resources and experts’ tips shared and look forward to having a successful and prosperous future.

                  Featured photo credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters via

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