5 Summer Apps That You Need To Download on Your Smartphone Before the Heat Spell Hits

5 Summer Apps That You Need To Download on Your Smartphone Before the Heat Spell Hits

Imagine you’re on a beach enjoying a lovely afternoon with your family, playing beach soccer, skinny dipping in your knickers, and having the time of your life. Now, let’s have a reality check. You are stuck in office during lunch, since it is too hot to go outside and you are afraid that the burning sun would suck the remaining juice that is left in your mortal frame.

So wouldn’t you like something that could help in putting your mind at ease with things that could take you in a small imaginative sojourn down the beach once again? Well, even if that seems like a kid’s fantasy, some smartphones applications are available that would be perfect for this year’s summer. Let’s cover the best smartphone summer apps that you need to download before the sun begins its angry spell.

1. 8tracks

Music buffs love 8tracks—period. The developers call it an “Internet radio created by people, not algorithms,” which is why this amazing app, which has the best cross-platform compatibility available on the market, comes on top of my list. 8tracks lets you choose a theme or genre for discovering new music, artists or bands. Furthermore, this summer app creates a special mix depending upon your music taste every day along with new features and updates. Summers are great for light music. Don’t you think?


Best Summer apps this season - LIfe Hack

    Best Summer apps this season - LIfe Hack

      Download it for Android, iPhone and Windows phones.

      2. Mixologist Drink & Cocktail Recipes

      What do we do if we have to beat the heat? Doctors usually advise staying hydrated by drinking lots of liquids. Well, I’m no doctor but still have a better and more fun way of dealing with the summer heat: cocktails baby! The Mixologist Drink and Cocktail Recipes app is here, and it lets you create awesome cocktails that could make your summer party a smashing hit among your peers and friends. Go crazy with your own custom cocktails and search for the best drinks of the season, popular bars and other happening places with this summer app.



      Best summer apps this season - Life Hack

        Best summer apps this season - Life Hack

          Download it for Android and iPhone. Windows phone users will soon get this application.

          3. Bingo Summer Splash

          Everybody likes Bingo, and if you can play that in your free summer time, then what can beat that. The Bingo Summer Splash is arguably the coolest casino game on Android that lets you play free slot machine games in addition to the great old-school bingo. In the words of this app’s developers, “Bingo Summer provides the most fun and social game experience like you will experience in heaven!” I personally like the brilliant use of vibrant graphics, pseudo casino-like user experience and easy playtime. This is one of the most highly regarded summer apps in my opinion.


          Best summer apps this season - Life Hack

            Get it on your Droid from the Google Play Store here.

            4. Ultraviolet UV Index

            The Ultraviolet UV Index could become a real blessing, especially for those who need to labor out in the sun because of work or something else. This exquisitely designed UV index app gives a real-time account of the UV situation outside, and that too for any location across the globe. Quite handy, isn’t it? Therefore, it is best to take a quick glance at the external heat before going out during the scorching hot day sun. Summer apps like Ultraviolet have their perks—they can help you avoid sunburns, damage to the eyes, wrinkles, skin cancer and other health hazards. Prevention is always better than cure!

            Best summer apps this season - Life Hack

              Download it for iPhone here. Android users can check out this alternative app.


              5. Waze

              Imagine being equipped with something that can outsmart the routine office hour traffic during summer. Can’t imagine? Well, not an issue. With this freak of an app called Waze, you can do just that! It is the world’s largest community-based traffic reporting and navigation application, aimed at saving your precious time, energy and fuel spending by helping you avoid traffic jams. The idea is simple: to actively contribute real-time traffic situations and road information to your local driving peers by simply driving around with the app open. Don’t just avoid traffic jams and save money on fuel, but also find the cheapest fuel stations and find friends going on a route similar to yours. Waze leaves behind other summer apps by a great margin.

              Best summer apps this season - Life Hack

                Download it for Android, iPhone and Windows phones.

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                Last Updated on June 26, 2020

                9 Best Calendar Apps to Stay on Track in 2020

                9 Best Calendar Apps to Stay on Track in 2020

                The success of our day is largely dependent on the quality of our planning. Not to miss out anything in their to-dos, some people prefer to make a list of upcoming tasks in a notebook, while others have long started using digital technology solutions.

                Calendar applications are some of the main tools that are worth using to organize our life and plan your time carefully.

                Many people have switched to specific tools; however, there are still some who do not use calendars on a daily basis. They may find some applications uncomfortable to use, non-functional, or expensive.

                In this article, we are going to check out the best calendars apps to help you stay organized.

                1. Calendar

                  This calendar has direct integration with Any.Do To-Do List, which gives you a unique tandem of two applications.

                  Apart from its extended functionality, Cal Calendar is easy to use. The creation of events is very simple and fast.

                  What is more, depending on the name of the event, the application automatically adds contacts and geolocation data to the entry description. You can even import your lists and entries from

         Calendar is a great option for any type of user. It is very convenient and doesn’t overcomplicate the mode of display.

                  Another good thing is that this tool is available for free, so you can use it without spending a dime for the software.

                  Download Calendar here!

                  2. Google Calendar

                    Google Calendar is the official calendar for Android devices that has been tested out by many users around the globe. If you are right now trying to get away from it, consider changing your mind.

                    Since this application is installed on most Android devices by default, many users think that there is nothing special in this program. They are wrong.


                    Google has been updating its calendar for quite a few years, and now it comes in Material Design with advanced event features, direct integration into other Google services (for example, supports reminders and Google Now), and comes with Exchange support.

                    The program is super easy and will not cost a dime for you. It is a good thing, right?

                    Download Google Calendar here.

                    3. Jorte Calendar

                      Jorte Calendar is one of the most popular calendar applications in the Google Play store.

                      The program features a wide range of configuration options, with many design alternatives. You can adjust display mode to your needs and view calendar entries sorted by month, week, or day (by hours). It is convenient for quickly picking the desired date, using task bars, and setting reminders.

                      Apart from its ordinary information storing function, this application can be a special cloud service, Jorte Cloud, allowing you to synchronize calendars, schedules, and task lists on multiple devices. The application also supports data importing from Google Calendar.

                      For those paying attention to the program design, there is also Jorte Store, where you can buy styles and icons to personalize the calendar. This feature makes Jorte is one of the brightest calendar applications.

                      A basic version of the app is free of charge, so if you do not want to spend money on a calendar application, it is a good option.

                      Download Jorte Calendar here.

                      4. Business Calendar

                        Business Calendar is geared towards people who use their calendar for work purposes and business task planning. It offers different modes with wide configuration capabilities.

                        The application gives a default view mode by months, and events can be marked in different colors. Display modes/ sorting can be adjusted to your needs (by month, day, year, or events).

                        You can also set a multi-day viewing mode to see how things look for the next few days. Scrolling up and down moves you by month, and if you check a few days, they will be shown in a more detailed form.


                        The day display mode offers hourly scheduling, and the schedule mode provides a detailed schedule for a single event.

                        Business Calendar is a great tool for planning/ scheduling cases, tasks, and events. There is a support for recurring events, which can be set up in just a few clicks.

                        Having purchased software, you can use it to import and export other calendars, delete, copy, or move several events at the same time.

                        Android Business Calendar application may seem somewhat chaotic, but it works fine and is easy to work with if you play with it for a while.

                        A full version of the application is available for $4.99, but you can also find a free version for the app test drive.

                        Download Business Calendar here.

                        5. Calendar

                          Calendar is a relatively new app. It works as a web app and for both iOS and Android devices. It is an intelligent app that learns your contacts, schedule and tasks. It also helps you schedule and arrange meetings according to your available time slots.

                          A good thing about Calendar is that it allows you to sync up with other calendars you use such as Apple Calendar and Google Calendar. And so you can manage all the calendars you have in one place.

                          Calendar also gives you analytics of your meetings, giving you a clear picture on how you can improve your time management.

                          Download Calendar: Meeting & Scheduling here.

                          6. aCalendar

                            aCalendar opens our collection of top 10 calendar applications available on the market today. With its appealing design, easy navigation, and great functionality, it is one of the most popular calendar apps in our list.

                            Some of extra functions include color schemes for each case type (48 colors to choose from), different types of demonstrations, different widgets, moon phases, and much more.


                            Taking into account it functionality, aCalendar is a reliable calendar application that has an easy-to-navigate interface with three display options. Scrolling from side to side allows you to switch between the display modes of the month, week and day.

                            When scrolling down and up, you are moving through the calendar at intervals in accordance with the selected display mode.

                            Apart from its time planning feature, aCalendar synchronizes photos from contact lists or social networks to remind you about birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special dates.

                            The program also supports data transfer through NFC and full-screen widgets, which eases your work with any data.

                            The program is available for free, but you can also get even more features if you buy the extended version of software for $4.99.

                            Download aCalendar here.

                            7. DigiCal Calendar

                              DigiCal Calendar is very similar to Cal Calendar in the fact that the application focuses on design more than on its functionality. However, this doesn’t mean that the application doesn’t serve the purpose.

                              With this calendar application, you can synchronize all your calendars and view them in different ways.

                              Along with the basic functions, this program comes with support for Google Calendar, Outlook, and includes some unique and interesting features. You can match keywords to the image or set up a dark theme.

                              The app can even show you the weather forecast for three days. There are many other features that deserve the attention of people who really like to use calendar applications.

                              Download DigiCal Calendar here.

                              8. SolCalendar

                                SolCalendar can be called a universal application. It claims to be an all-in-one digital solution having a basic calendar functionality combined with some other advanced features, such as weather forecast for a specific day.


                                The application supports Google Calendar, as well as tasks, widgets, lunar calendar and even Foursquare.

                                Those searching for a calendar application to cover just everything in its functionality, SolCalendar is a program to consider. There are a lot of interesting things in this application; the program does an excellent job working in “all-in-one” mode.

                                Test SolCalendar – the application is available for free. You can test it out without purchasing the service.

                                Download SolCalendar here.

                                9. Today Calendar

                                  Today Calendar is one of the most hip and edgy calendars in our list. The solution was one of the first ones that really embraced Material Design and remains one of the few that adhere to the neat style.

                                  The calendar application offers bold colors, simple controls, and great functionality. This is not as heavy an application as many others; it will not eat all the memory of your device.

                                  If you are not searching for something complicated and over-functional, Today Calendar is what you need. You can always test the application before paying for it – the program is available for free.

                                  Download Today Calendar here.

                                  Our Verdict

                                  Searching for the right application to manage your various calendars and plan your busy day can sometimes turn into a streak of obstacles.

                                  Most of us need flexible applications that can be easily used to manage our tough schedule. The application should have all necessary time planning functions and be intuitive.

                                  Stylish design and limitless compatibility also matter. It is not always easy to find such a program.

                                  The above digital calendar solutions fall under the category “worth” of being used. They are modern, multifunctional, easy, and easy. Pick the one you like!

                                  More Productivity Apps for Better Time Management

                                  Featured photo credit: Unsplash via

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