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4 Words That Will Make You Want This Gadget: GIF On Your Wall

Written by Michael Cheng
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Tired of still art? We are too.

That’s why you need Canviz. The exciting art display projects GIFs on your wall. The possibilities of fun you could have with this digital canvas are endless! Think animated weather projections, life-like practical jokes and even your most prized memory in motion.

Wondering how it works? Check out the diagram below:


    Changing from one GIF to another can be done through an app that is connected to the Canviz. There are no awkward buttons. This device does not have touchscreen capabilities, simply because it doesn’t need it. The gadget supports a wide range of formats apart from GIFs including:

    • JPG
    • PNG
    • BMP
    • TGA
    • TIFF


      Starting at $249 (early bird special), the Canviz is the perfect investment for artists and individuals who want to take their wall to the next level.


        What GIF would you display if you had this digital canvas?

        Canviz: Bring your Art to Life | Kickstarter

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