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4 Best Food Apps for Finding Lunch Anywhere

Written by Mansal Denton
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Given the abundance of food and dietary restrictions in the world today, it is no wonder that people become irritated when hungry and in an unknown location. Luckily, food apps have kept up with the insatiable human need for delicious and healthy food in any location. Here are some of the best food apps available for you to meet your cravings or get your health fix.

1. Food Truck Follower

food truck 1
    food truck 2
      food truck 3

        1. Food Truck Follower [Android] – these days, some of the best food comes from hawker stands around town rather than the finest eating establishment. Usually they provide a focus and dedication to their food (rather than ambiance) that makes this spectacular. Use this app to find great food trucks wherever you are.

        2. Dining Deals

        dining deals 1
          dining deal 2
            dining deal 3

              Dining Deals [Android]  – sometimes it is just as hard to find a restaurant as it is to find cheap food. Dining Deals is a smart phone app that should help you to find some cheap deals to make your dollar go further.

              3. Grub Hub

              GrubHub Food Delivery 1
                GrubHub Food Delivery 3
                  GrubHub Food Delivery 3

                    Grub Hub [iOS] – feeling lazy? No problem. Grub Hub is a food app that allows you to order food for delivery within any of their 400 cities.

                    4. UrbanSpoon

                    Urbanspoon 1
                      Urbanspoon 2
                        Urbanspoon 3

                          UrbanSpoon [iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry] – the more food-specific version of Yelp, this app can give you all the ratings you need. Not sure what you feel like? Give the app a shake and find a shuffled result you may just love!
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