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21 Refreshing Ways to Clean Up Your Mac!

Written by Michelle Smith
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If someone were to tell you to clean up your Mac, what would come to your mind? One of those cleanup sessions where you take that little spray and lint-free cloth to wipe down your Mac’s beautiful screen?

Well, we aren’t talking about that sort of cleanup. Well, actually that too but we are mostly talking about a whole lot of other ways to clean up your Mac, from the inside out. We are talking about a clean up that will have your Mac running faster, booting faster and impressively multitasking with a vengeance! We are talking about a cleanup that requires you to carry out controller resets, purge cache files and get rid of digital scum on your Mac!

The thing with Macs, actually, for that matter, with any computer is that it starts to accumulate digital junk the moment you start using it at home. System logs, binary junk, cache files, duplicate files and a variety of other digital junk just piles on and on, as you use your Mac.

This digital junk will slowly but surely slow down your Mac. This is why most people feel that their Macs ran at their fastest speeds when they first brought it home from the store, with performance slowly going downhill since then.

Thankfully, there are many ways to get rid of this digital junk. A clean Mac is a fast Mac, without any absolute doubt!

Here are some of the most efficient of the 21 ways to clean up your Mac!

Resetting your Mac’s SMC or System Management Controller

System Management controller is a I/O controller in your Mac that runs critical functions. While you don’t have to know everything about it, what you must know is that cleaning up this controller, with a simple reset, will allow you to speed up your Mac, sometimes quite dramatically!

macbook smc reset

    To run a SMC reset,

    • Power off your Mac
    • Disconnect it from the MagSafe connector
    • Remove batteries (if removable)
    • Press and hold down the “Power” key for 10 seconds
    • Release “Power” key
    • Put back batteries
    • Connect the MagSafe connector back
    • Power up your Mac with a clean SMC!

    Clean up your desktop.

    Thought your Mac’s vast desktop was a great place to keep all your shortcuts and icons? Wrong! Cluttering your desktop with many shortcuts is not only going to make your Mac’s desktop look clumsy and messy, it is actually going to pull down your Mac’s performance capabilities as well.

    clean mac desktop

      Keep your desktop as clean as you can. Sure, a few important shortcuts and icons will not do any harm but you should definitely not have too many on there.

      Clean up your Mac’s starting lineup.

      Yes, your Mac has a starting list of applications that are all designed to get fired up each time you turn on your Mac. For every additional application that you have set to startup when your Mac powers up, you must understand that your Mac’s processor and RAM are going to work just that much harder, especially during the booting process.

      cleaning up mac login items

        Unless it is imperative that applications start up automatically, keep this start up list count to less than five items. Zero is great. One to three is optimum and five is OK. Any more and you must trim down the list.

        To clean up your Mac’s starting lineup, go to

        System Preferences -> System -> Users & Groups -> Login Items -> Edit your starting lineup

        There you have it, just a few of 21 great ways to clean up your Mac. Trust us when we say that a full-fledged cleanup, using all 21 methods provided in the resource link will, without a doubt, help you up the performance of your Mac.


        Read the rest of the clean up ways here: How to Clean Up a Mac? 21 Essential Tips! MachMachines

        Featured photo credit: I love Mac! by Takashi Hososhima via flic.kr

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