15 Killer Music Apps You Should Start Using Today

15 Killer Music Apps You Should Start Using Today

I cannot imagine my life without music. I wake up to the sounds of my favorite tunes each morning, work out, travel my commute listening to music and work with my headphones on most of the time, and I just can’t count how many significant moments in my life are deeply connected with a certain song.

If you are, at the very least, even a tiny bit passionate about music, I bet the next 15 music apps will instantly become your favorites!

1. Musicovery


    Musicovery is an awesome app that enables you to personalize and adjust your playlists according to your mood with just a few clicks. After synchronizing the app for the first time, you’ll constantly have offline access to top recommended songs from the website, along with your phone library.

    Open the mood pad and roll your finger to start playing the samples. If you are satisfied, just lift your finger and a playlist will be generated from the last song rolled over. Also, the app automatically adjusts your playlist by analyzing genres, decades, moods you’ve chosen and your interactions with the app – e.g. “I like/I don’t like” ratings and skipped songs.

    So far, Musicovery proved to give the best customized playlist for me.

    iOS (free) and Android (free)

    2. MP3 Downloader for SoundCloud

    Free Music App

      This nifty app developed by Freemake lets you download tunes from SoundCloud onto your device without any copyright breaches. You can browse through numerous lists, search your favorite beats and singers offline and have the music steaming without wi-fi.

      Plus, the app has lovely visual design with big album covers on display and easy navigation with loads of filters to apply when searching for a particular song.

      Android version is planned to be released later this year.

      iOS (free)

      3. Top 100 Best Songs by Year


        Get a musical time machine installed on your iPhone! This app has a huge database of some 1000 best songs from 1960 till the present days, so you could mix up your playlists with good old-time favorites and trendy new tunes.


        All of the collections are easy-to-navigate with numerous filters available. Besides, the built-in search will help you find top songs from a specific year, decade or genre. This app is my go-to for planning themed music parties!

        Available both for the iPhone and iPad, but for now, not Android.

        iOS (free)

        4. Autovolume


          All running enthusiasts know how inconvenient it is to be tapping the volume key all the time, according to your listening environment. It gets even more annoying while driving, as your hands are busy.

          The Autovolume app solves this problem by automatically correcting the volume based on the data from built-in speed and motion sensors.

          Also, this app features a number of pre-set sound adaptation modes based on the activities you do – skiing, working out, driving, jogging etc making it my go-to app for sports!

          Available for Iphone only as of now.

          iOS ($1.99)

          5. Relax Melodies


            Have you been felling stressed lately? Trouble sleeping? Use this handy app by Ipnos Soft to create unique relaxing tunes from a set of beautiful and tranquil Zen sounds like rain drops, ocean waves, nature ambient sounds and more.

            Also, you can take your favorite tunes from the library and blend them up with the in-app sounds to create highly-personalized unwinding melodies. Compile them into easy-to-search lists like “songs to fall asleep to” or “the calm down playlist,” filled with your personal sounds or those made by other users from the community.

            Currently there are some 100.000 sounds to choose from, and like me, I bet you will find (or create) the perfect tune to make you fall asleep instantly!

            iOS (free) and Android (free)

            6. sir Sampleton



              At first glance, it may seem like a simple kids’ app with a keyboard, but sir Sampleton is way more sophisticated than that! The app has numerous cool features to record and twist the melodies you’ve just tapped, including adding vibrato, professional mixing beats and saving your songs.

              Equally fun to use for both novice musicians, and for more professional beat makers to get their groove on!

              Currently not available on the Android market.

              iOS ($2.99)

              7. TuneWiki


                Have you ever misheard some weird phrases in songs and couldn’t figure out what the hack was being said? With TuneWiki, you’ll never find yourself off base again when mumbling your favorite song! The app features both a radio player and lyrics decoder, along with a huge array of music to pick from.

                And with one click, it syncs with your iTunes library. Yet the best feature is that you can launch a song search based on just one line you know!

                iOS (free) and Android (free)

                8. Nowplaying


                  This is a cool social music app that identifies tunes playing on your phone or a nearby device and auto-shares them on Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare along with your location, picture or a Youtube video. With the main principle of this app being “sharing is caring”, you’ll get special badges and rewards each time you share anything with the official hashtag #nwplyng!

                  Arguably the best music app to exchange songs and moods with your friends, as it’s very simple to use and has a great collection of free songs and numerous subscription options available. It also allows you to categorize your favorites into separate lists and discover new artists from the huge database available.

                  iOS (free) and Android (free)

                  9. 8Tracks


                    This is yet another amazing social music app that you can use to create, curate and discover playlists for each mood and occasion – energetic morning workout, romantic dinner date or just a relaxing tune for your bedroom. The pleasant design with huge album covers, a list of featured playlists and numerous search options, including search by mood, make this app particularly stand out from the crowd.

                    8Tracks currently has over 2 million playlists created by the community, so no matter how elaborate your preferences are – cape-jazz, k-pop, opera or new age – you’ll still be able to connect with folks who have similarly awesome tastes and grab their playlists!


                    iOS (free) and Android (free)

                    10. iHeartRadio


                      Sleek minimalist design, a huge variety of stations from college rock to reggae and great customization options make IHeartRadio worth a download. Absolutely free of charge, you can live steam any given radio station (of more than 750) or make a personalized play list of some 18.000 songs listed in the library.

                      Also, you can listen to the latest news feeds, educational and scientific programs and much more content you wouldn’t find in any other app.

                      Not sure which song to pick today? The app can pre-suggest to you a station based on your activity, like driving, working out in the gym or jogging. Currently available for numerous platforms including Windows Phone, Blackberry and Kindle Fire, plus as a browser app.

                      IOS (free) and Android (free).

                      11. DjRun


                        This is another amazing app that all jogging geeks will love! DjRun will analyze all the songs from your library and match their beats per minute rate with your stride, or even adapt the playback tempo like a real DJ.

                        As the app uses your phone’s accelerometer, it can instantly adapt to your pace to matter which activity you are now into – skating, hiking, skiing or even gliding.

                        Currently the app supports three modes:

                        1. Auto – picks a song based on your current stride rate.

                        2. Pin – fixes your stride rate at the number you want.

                        3. Training mode – the stride rate will follow a predefined profile set by the user or taken from the app.

                        Android (free)

                        12. Karaoke Anywhere



                          Ok, admit it, even if you don’t have a sweet voice, you still love singing out loud your favorite songs. At least, at home anyway. Karaoke Anywhere lets you choose your tune of today from a free library of 10,000 songs.

                          Plus, if that’s not enough, you can purchase an extra 40,000 songs. Lovely design, huge beautiful lyrics and high-quality background music – what else would you wish for in a karaoke app?

                          iOS (free) and Android (free)

                          13. Mono


                            Mono is an amazing new music discovery app merging together an artist browser, music discovery engine, concert finder and playlist engine with friend sharing and much more! I love the clean simple designs and the ability to sync my music from various channels including SoundCloud, YouTube music files and Subsonic.

                            For now, available on Android only.

                            Android (free, but with a yearly subscription of $0.99 to get unlimited access to all features)

                            14. Chordmaster


                              Everyone who love playing the guitar (or just learning) should have this app on their phone. For $.99, you get unlimited access to some 7,800 guitar chords, along with a beautiful visualization of all notes and fingerings on a virtual fretboard.

                              By merely tapping the screen, you can view the selected chord at any position up and down the guitar neck – a handy feature for beginners. Also, you can strum the virtual strings to play and hear each chord and compare with your own results.

                              All the chords are neatly categorized in Root, Chord Type and Chord Variants, making them easy to search and save. However, the best feature Chordmaster introduced is  the “lefty mode” that displays left-handed guitar diagrams that rarerly could be wound elsewhere.

                              Currently available for Iphone, Ipad and Ipod touch only.

                              iOS ($.99)

                              15. Musyc


                                A gorgeous, graphical musical app, crafted by Fingerlab, where you can create music with your own touch. Get into your zen state by bouncing peculiar colorful shapes around the screen and producing the sounds of 88 instruments!

                                It’s a harmonious and tranquil game you would likely love playing more than the highly-addictive and seemingly never ending Candy Crush. Currently, Iphone only with an Android version soon to be launched.

                                iOS (free)

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                                iPads are cool. They are exceptionally slim, slick, and incredibly handy, so they act as virtual assistants for students and professionals alike.  However, it means that these gadgets are susceptible to damage if they fall. Since there is nothing more frustrating than a cracked screen, we’ve compiled a list of the best iPad screen protectors available in the market today.

                                So, how to choose the best iPad screen protector for yourselff?

                                What to Look For in an iPad Screen Protector

                                We have gathered essential key factors to consider before buying the best iPad screen protectors. You will know exactly what to choose from the products above after reading everything below.


                                While screen protectors generally use the same materials, there is still a difference in their quality.[1]

                                The glass will be more costly, but it is easier to clean, and you’re less at risk of damaging the screen.

                                Meanwhile, plastic is cheaper but doesn’t offer as much protection as the latter. Cleaning it may be bothersome, too.


                                Ideally, you want a screen protector to cover the entire screen. However, the best iPad screen protectors are not a fit for all.

                                You need to figure out if the screen protector is meant to cover the whole surface of your device or only the screen. Otherwise, you may run into a problem if you end up getting the opposite of your preference.


                                Durability is another huge consideration. Without a doubt, you want screens that last and offer ample protection.

                                You can test the shield’s durability by dropping it. Glass screens can cracks if it gets dropped enough times, while the plastic film doesn’t crack at all. Despite that, the latter may peel off and cannot keep your phone safe once it falls.


                                The best iPad screen protectors vary in design.

                                Some screens don’t cover the home button or camera or both. You’ll find those cutouts to be associated with glass screen protectors.

                                Others have different thickness levels. The thicker the glass is, the more protection it offers. But it may be harder to register taps or use items like Apple Pencil because of it.


                                Anti-Glare Feature

                                Since we’re dealing with glass and plastic shields, they need to have an anti-glare feature. The AR coating is designed to weaken or prohibit light from hitting your eyes directly.

                                Ultra-Clear Feature

                                While light reflection is one aspect to think about, the other is prolonged use.

                                Smudges, scratch marks, and fingerprints may appear as you use your iPad. There can also be dust, crumbs, and other things that may get stuck on the edges.

                                You can always clean the screen, of course, but the big question is, “How long do you need to wait before it gets too bad?”

                                A good screen protector should offer excellent transparency for an extended period before requiring cleaning.

                                10 Recommended iPad Screen Protectors

                                The following iPad screen protectors are the absolute epitome of durability, making them stand out from the rest.[2]

                                1. Sparin

                                  The first on our list is the screen protector from Sparin. It sports a 0.3-mm thickness, which is compatible with Apple Pencil.[3] Aside from iPad Air 3 2019, it is also explicitly built for iPads with screen sizes 10.2 and 10.5 inches.

                                  This product is not only scratch-resistant but also smudge-proof. It offers excellent clarity, so you won’t feel like there’s a barrier between the screen and your fingers.

                                  Buy this iPad screen protector here.

                                  2. JETech

                                  best iPad screen protectors

                                    JETech offers a wide array of screen protectors for various iPad sizes and designs.

                                    It is compatible with iPads Fit, Air 1, Air 2, and Pro 9.7-inch 2017 or 2018 models.


                                    The glass is 0.33-mm thick, thus offering that extra bit of protection at the cost of sensitivity. Finger tapping will work, though you may have a tougher time using Apple Pencil or other external tools on this screen.

                                    Nevertheless, the extra thickness makes it highly durable. It even comes with a cleaning set and two more screen protectors.

                                    Buy this iPad screen protector here.

                                    3. AmFilm

                                    best iPad screen protectors

                                      AmFilm is another brand that creates the best iPad screen protectors. For this model, in particular, it’s designed for Apple iPad Air 3 (10.5-inch, 3rd Generation, and 2019) and iPad Pro 10.5 (2017), and compatible with the Apple Pencil.

                                      That said, the company boasts of its premium-quality screens. They are scratch-proof and resilient, so they provide impeccable clarity and have a long life. The glass itself can help reduce smudges and even absorb damage from typical wear and tear of the device.

                                      Buy this iPad screen protector here.

                                      4. JETech iPad Air & iPad Pro

                                      best iPad screen protectors

                                        This JETech screen’s thickness is still 0.33 mm, but it is meant for iPad Air 10.5 (2019), iPad Pro 10.5 (2017), and iPad Fit models. Beyond that, the screen offers high transparency and high touch response.

                                        Buy this iPad screen protector here.

                                        5. Supershieldz

                                        best iPad screen protectors

                                          Another brand worth considering is Supershieldz.

                                          It boasts a 99.99% HD clarity, maintains the same touch experience, and has a coating that eliminates fingerprints and smudges. It doesn’t leave any residue once removed, and the glass is scratch-resistant, so its durability is off the charts.


                                          Buy this iPad screen protector here.

                                          6. Omoton

                                          best iPad screen protectors

                                            If you have an iPad 10.2 (2019, 7th Generation), iPad Air 3 2019, or iPad Pro 10.5, then Omoton is a good option for you. Their glass screen protector is specifically designed to protect these models, you see.

                                            It’s 0.26-mm thick, so it gives you decent protection while still maintaining the screen’s sensitivity. You will not have issues with using Apple Pencil and other tap technologies then.

                                            The Omoton screen protector has high transparency and smudge-proof coating, too.

                                            Buy this iPad screen protector here.

                                            7. AmFilm iPad Pro’s 11

                                            best iPad screen protectors

                                              For those carrying iPad Pro 11 (2018 or 2020 models), AmFilm has a good quality screen protector in the market. Similar to the previously mentioned screen protectors, this one works exclusively for the said versions.

                                              This premium- quality shield is scratch-proof, durable, highly transparent, and long-lasting.

                                              Buy this iPad screen protector here.

                                              8. Apiker

                                              best iPad screen protectors

                                                Apiker focuses on providing a safe screen for the owners of iPad 10.2, which have been released in 2019.

                                                Even though it’s for a specific model, the glass’s 0.3-mm thickness allows Apple Pencil usage and offers 99% clarity. Furthermore, you receive three of these screens in a bundle, so you get to save money.


                                                Buy this iPad screen protector here.

                                                9. JETech 2018 & 2020

                                                  These JETech screen protectors are only compatible with the 2018 and 2020 versions of 12.9-inch iPads.

                                                  Thanks to its standard glass thickness (0.33 mm), the shields can offer ample safety and scratch resistance. You may also use Face ID and Apple Pencil while the protector is on your screen.

                                                  Buy this iPad screen protector here.

                                                  10. AmFilm iPad 7th Generation

                                                    The last item on our list is another from AmFilm. They use high-quality materials to create their screens. However, this particular shield works with the iPad 7th Generation alone.

                                                    Buy this iPad screen protector here.

                                                    Bottom Line

                                                    You need to consider a lot of things when looking for the best iPad screen protectors. Most importantly, you want to ensure that it can fit your iPad well and doesn’t cause glare, can remain transparent for a long time and has high durability.

                                                    The screens recommended above have all these perks to offer, so pick the one that best fits your needs.

                                                    Featured photo credit: Marek Levák via


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