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13 Cool Interactive Apps For Roaming The City

Whether you’re traveling to a new place or just navigating your own city, sometimes an app is all you need to find a great new restaurant near you, avoid people you know or to explore street art and local attractions. If you’re looking for a new useful app or two for your city or a new location, you won’t want to miss this great article by WebUrbanist featuring 13 great apps ideal for city life.

The list even has an app to help you avoid people you know based on where they have checked in on social media if you’re not feeling particularly friendly one day. On the other hand, you can also use MeetMe to meet and interact with new people and friends around you.

Eat Cheap – Roaming Hunger


Maps and Travel Guides – City Maps 2Go


Connect – MeetMe


Avoid Your Friends – Hell is Other People


Urban Apps: 13 Interactive City Maps, Tools & Guides | WebUrbanist

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