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11 Best Websites And Apps For Students

Being a college student can be hard, especially when it comes to studying and actually retaining the information with all these distractions on our phones and laptops like Twitter, Snapchat, and CandyCrush. Luckily, there are apps to help us study and stay on track through out our procrastinated study times. These are the best websites and apps for students to use when studying!

1. Wakerupper

This one isn’t necessarily an app but rather a phone call to wake you up on a big exam day or if you need a reminder for your study group. I like it because I tend to push snore on my snooze button but if I get a phone call, I’m more willing to look at it and answer. You even have the option to put in a reminder of what you’re suppose to be doing.

2. Lighthead

A lot of students don’t buy the reading material because we can find it online. Instead of printing it out (to save trees, not because we’re lazy), we’ll read it on our computers. But if you spend too long with out touching any keys or moving the mouse, your laptop will fall asleep. This app prevents your laptop from doing that while you read.

*This is for Mac only.

3. Self-Control

This will help you stray away from distracting websites during your study time. It’s basically sets a block on certain websites or apps like Twitter, Facebook or anything else that could be distracting while you’re studying. It helps you get more done, instead of you wasting your time.

*This is for Mac only.

4. ColdTurkey

This is basically Self Control but for Windows. It temporarily blocks social media and games while you study to keep you from procrastinating. They also just came out with a new feature where you can have certain groups of websites you want to block.

*This is for Windows only.

5. Focusbar

This app reminds you what you’re suppose to be doing when you start straying to other things. It helps keep you on task to a certain thing until you’re done.

*This is for Mac only.

6. Positive Reinforcement

This app allows you to type your paper or essay and for every one hundred words it give you a positive reinforcement. By positive reinforcement, I mean it’ll show you a picture of a kitten, bunny or puppy. And how could you hate that?

7. Negative Reinforcement

This does the opposite of the Positive Reinforcement. This one times you for the amount of time you wanted to be writing. If you don’t make it to the number of words you wanted within that time then it shows you a scary image.

8. Another Writing App

This doesn’t let you see what you’re writing until you’ve hit your word goal. It lets all your thoughts flow instead of you constantly seeing what you’re writing and going back and changing it.

9. Hemingway Editor

This will clean up your paper for you. It highlights things that you need to fix or change so you can go back and do that. I don’t mean grammar errors. It literally tells you which sentences are too long and need to be split up and which words need to be changed from an adverb to a verb.

Also, they just came out with a desktop version!

10. Squirt

This lets you read one word at time. It’s really useful if you have trouble reading and focusing in on things. It’s basically like speed reading anything on the web. So if you have to read large amounts of articles at a time for research, then this is good for you.

11. Final Grade Calculator

This is just a final grade calculator, just input some test scores and homework grades and it will calculate what you could possibly make as a final grade depending on what you have left to do. Some of us need that little beam of hope and others will just need a fire lit under their ass to really motivate them.

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