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10 Ways To Recycle That Old Computer

10 Ways To Recycle That Old Computer

The way new computer prices are dropping, it’s becoming less useful to hold on to those computers that have passed their prime. The problem is, however, that these things aren’t the easiest things to get rid of responsibly.

This Top 10 from Free Geekery runs through what may be the best ways to do so. They were kind enough to provide a lot of links in their descriptions so check it out.

Recycling that old computer seems the most logical conclusion, but this process is fraught with complicated issues. How do you protect the material contained on that old hard drive? Where does that computer go once it’s left your hands? Since ID theft and e-waste smuggling operations are rife, your computer may end up in the hands of the wrong person in the wrong country.

What did you do with your 286s?

Top 10 Ways to Recycle Your Old Computer – [FreeGeekery]

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