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10 Tips on How Not to Look Ugly on a Webcam

When in a video call or chat, a lot of people worry about how they’ll look on webcam – myself included. You can be one of the best looking people in the world, but with the wrong ambiance and environment (among other things), you can be the ugliest on webcam. Fortunately, this infographic from Mixergy and showcases 10 great tips on how not to look ugly on a webcam.

In case you’re wondering, “ugly” in this infographic does not refer to your physical attractiveness. It refers to you not looking or sounding your best due to controllable circumstances happening in the background or on your computer.


As you can see, bad lighting can really make it hard for others to see you. Also, having an unpleasant background can be distracting to those looking at you. Plus, there are some annoying computer issues to avoid such as an unreliable Internet connection or having tons of CPU heavy programs running in the background, which will make your webcam choppy.

By using these simple tips, you’ll be looking your best in no time.

Before going on a webcam, read this | Mixergy

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