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The lifehack.org “Spread the Love” Contest

Written by Dustin Wax
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Spread the Love

Because we love you, lifehack.org is hosting a very special giveaway this month. The theme for February is “relationships” — between people, between ideas, between creators and their audiences, between businesses and their clients, even between you and your time.

We’ve got some great stuff to give away.

  • SmartDraw business graphics software: Create professional-quality flowcharts, org charts, Venn diagrams, mind maps, and more. Comes with dozens of awesome templates, or start from scratch with this easy-to-use, intuitive software. (Value: $297.00 US)
  • Facebook App Creator for Bloggers Pro Blogger accounts: Create apps with your site’s contents (or your flickr feed, or your podcast, or anything else that has an RSS feed) that your fans can embed into their Facebook accounts. Pro Blogger accounts allow you to make apps for up to 10 blogs. Lifetime subscription. (Value: $30.00 US/mo.)
  • WeekDate Weekly Planners: These stylish planners are uniquely designed to help you track recurring events without having to recopy them every week or month. Unfolds in three parts: the top is for weekly events, the bottom for monthlies. The middle features a week-at-a-time planner, with space for notes and tasks. My partner’s been “stress-testing” one of these to track her full-time college schedule, full-time work schedule, and more-than-full-time mom schedule, and she’s loving it. (Value: $29.95 US)
  • Zen To Done: Leo Babauta’s popular ebook on living simply and making the most of your time. See my review. (Value: $9.50 US)

WeekDate Planner

The prize packages are as follows:

  1. First Prize – One Winner: 1 ea. SmartDraw, Facebook App Creator for Bloggers subscription, WeekDate planner, and Zen to Done.
  2. Second Prize – Three Winners: 1 ea. Facebook App Creator subscription, WeekDate planner, and Zen to Done.
  3. Third Prize – Five Winners: One copy of Zen to Done.

To enter, write a post at your blog about relationships. Any kind of relationships, any kind  of post: tell us how to build relationships; describe a relationship that went sour; describe your relationship with your clients, partner, or children; whatever you’re inspired to write by the idea of relationships.

While we’d appreciate you linked back to this post, or sent a trackback, it’s not required in order to win. Instead, leave a comment on this post with a link to your post.

The contest will close at midnight, Pacific Standard Time, on February 21st. Winners will be selected at random from all eligible entries submitted before that time.

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