The Lifehack Top 10: November 2012

The Lifehack Top 10: November 2012

Another month of Lifehack  so it’s time to present the best of the month gone by with the latest edition of our Best of Lifehack series.

One thing we introduced this month was the 30 second tips. To see all those tips in one place you can visit it on the following page-

30 Seconds Tips

Now on to the list of some of the the best articles on Lifehack in November.


1. 9 Things We Regret Not Doing in Our 20s

Life is filled with regrets. We always look back and wish that we had made better choices and taken more opportunities. Here’s a list of regrets in our wasted 20s.

2. 10 Things to Stop Caring About Today

We waste so much of our lives caring about unimportant things, foolish things, and unchangeable things. So much time, energy, and stress unnecessarily squandered. There is so little of us to go around and so much out there that is worth caring about.

3. 10 Best New Products That People Don’t Know About

There are a lot of new products that people don’t know about. Here is a list of products that may help you in some part of your life, some are even funny, yet useful.


4. 22 Killer Personal Development Resources You’re Missing Out On

You’ve got the personal development itch once again, but you’ve exhausted your resources and don’t know where else to look. I hope to change that by sharing with you 22 of the killer personal development resources you’re missing out on.

5. Warning: Believing These 10 Famous Myths Might Be Making You Dumb

Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck believing ideas that are mythical. Check yourself against these 10 beliefs to make sure they’re not making you dumb.

6. 6 Attitude Adjustments: Change Your Life Today!

What are some easy ways that you can quickly set your mood and attitude for the day? Try these techniques to change your life today!


7. 5 Ways to Make Google Calendar Work For You

Google Calendar sits at the heart of my personal organisation structure. Here are 5 tips to help you get more out of Google Calendar.

8. What Are Some Cooking Myths that Don’t Help?

There are plenty of cooking myths out there that just need to be blown apart. Here’s what Jonas M Luster, an experienced chef, has to say about it.

9. How to Make Presentations That Don’t Put Your Audience to Sleep

Making a great presentation is pretty easy if you know how to do it. Here shows your how to make presentations.


10. How to Stop Being Shy and Become a Social Champion

How to Stop Being Shy and Become a Social Champion.

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Introducing “For You” Section To All Lifehack Members

Introducing “For You” Section To All Lifehack Members

Lifehack Goal is a powerful tool that helps you achieve goals in different aspects of life. By subscribing to the goal(s), you’ll receive customized article (about tips to advance yourself) on a daily basis.

Previously, the email inbox is the only platform to access your goal articles. And most of the time, your mailbox is bombarded with co-workers’ requests and a lot of irrelevant promotion content. You might not be able to catch all the Lifehack Goal emails that we have sent you.

Today, we’re excited to introduce “For You”, a new section on Lifehack that lets you catch up with the latest articles of your goal(s). You don’t have to worry about missing any articles that you are recommended to read anymore.

Once you log in Lifehack, you are expected to see this section at the top of homepage.

FOR YOU screenshot 2 (1)

    With For You, you can check all your subscribed goals and the corresponding articles. That’ll surely make your daily reading easier. Now, just learn and grow by reading your goal articles without further distraction.

    To enjoy this exclusive function, subscribe to our goals here. You can access “For You” section immediately after a simple registration process.

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