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The Best of Lifehack - August 2012

July has come to a close, and now it’s time to present the best of the month gone by with the latest edition of our Best of Lifehack series.

This month we covered a wide range of topics here at Lifehack (as we do), as well as launched a couple of new initiatives in Lifehack Lessons and Lifehack Quotes. It’s been a busy month here and as we head into the latter half of the year we’ll keep bringing you the great content you expect from Lifehack.

Now, let’s check out The Best of Lifehack – August 2012:

5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day

Long-time Lifehack contributor Paul Sloane offers up 5 important questions to ask yourself every day in order to help you to become a more successful and a better person

35 Quick and Simple Tips for Better Productivity

Looking to boost your productivity? I’ve put together a list of 35 quick and simple tips for better productivity. Give any (or all) of them a go.

The 4 Things I Do Consistently to Be More Productive

Here are the 4 things that new Lifehack contributor Osman Hameed does consistently to be more productive. Simple and effective, they could be just what you’re looking for to take your productivity to a whole new level.

Why Everyone Should Write a Manifesto

Think manifestos are only for dictators or overachievers? Think again! Let Lifehack’s Teresa Griffith explain why you too should write a manifesto.

26 Free Cross-Platform Productivity Apps to Help You Get Things Done

Rather than pay for productivity apps for each platform, use these free cross-platform productivity apps suggested by Lifehack Associate Editor CM Smith to get your work done.

Top 5 Tools To Optimize Your Life

Lori Thayer will help you save time, be more efficient, simplify, and generally improve your life with these top 5 tools to optimize your life that she has presented.

Get Organized Now: 9 Ideas That Work

Getting organized doesn’t have to be something that is completely out of your reach. Use any one of these 9 ideas — courtesy of regular Lifehack contributor Ciara Conlon — to become closer to being organized.

Top 20 TED Talks That Can Improve Your Life

TED talks have served to inspire, motivate and create action for many. Well, Lifehack has assembled the top 20 TED talks that can serve to improve your life right on our site, so go and check them out now.

The Only 2 Tricks You Need for Maximum Productivity

When it comes down to it, reaching maximum productivity doesn’t have to be difficult. Jason Connell gives us the two tricks that will get us there.

17 Back to School Lifehacks to Start Your Semester

Starting a new college semester can be tough, especially when trying to be more productive. So CM Smith, Lifehack’s Associate Editor, has compiled a list of 17 lifehacks to get you through this semester.

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