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Summer Giveaway: Your Working Bookshelf

Written by Dustin Wax
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    It’s about time to wrap up the Lifehack Great Big Summer Giveaway, and we’ve got a gorgeous leather laptop bag from Sports Accessories to wrap it up with. And since you’re bound to have some space left in the bag, we’ll throw in a $100 Amazing gift credit from the folks at Ubernote so you can fill it up with books (or whatever).

    Last week, I asked what your favorite books are for relaxing with on a summer day. This week, I want to know what your favorite work-related books are: your favorites on business, entrepreneurship, marketing, project management, administration, innovation – anything that helps you help your organization run more efficiently, more productively, or more profitably.

    Sports Accessories Business/Laptop Case

    We opened our Summer Giveaway with a bag from Ellen Hart’s CareerBags.com. Today’s prize is a sort of bookend to that one; Ellen worked as a bag designer for years before starting CarrerBags.com, and Sports Accessories bags are her babies.

      You won’t find better-looking business cases on the market. Like the 2 Gusset Leather Computer Briefcase pictured here.Reinforced corners, steel ring-reinforced handle and shoulder strap attachments, push-lock clasps for security, pockets for documents, cell phone or reading glasses, pens and pencils — everything you could want or need in a business case, stell feet to protect the bottom, all wrapped up in a stylish design.

      But what sets these bags apart is not just their tasteful looks, it’s the leather itself. Sports Accessories bags — and all their leather products — are made of the same leather as Rawlings baseball gloves. So you know it’s long-lasting leather that will improve — in look and feel — with age. You know it’s tough — it has to be to stand up to a 100-mph fastball! And it has that "certain something" that your favorite baseball glove has, which is why they call it "the ultimate guy’s computer bag" (though I venture that more than a few women will live it too!). (Retail price: $200-400)

      UberNote Never Forgets

      Today’s winner will also receive their choice of books from Amazon (via a $100 gift credit), courtesy of the developers of UberNote online web notes.

      UberNote is a free online service that lets you save, share, and access notes from anywhere. With the Firefox Toolbar or UberNote bookmarklets, you can clip web content and add notes to it as well. Notes can be added via email, AOL Instant Messenger, and SMS text message, and accessed using any mobile browser, giving you true on-the-go access even when you’re away from your computer. And soon you’ll even be able to store document attachments along with your notes, making it a true one-stop depository for everything you need to remember.

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      The folks at UberNote already give you all that for FREE, but they wanted to give Lifehack readers even more. SO they’ve offered a $100 Amazon gift credit to a lucky winner, to hoping you’ll stock up on some great books. By the way, if you really want to get the most out of your reading, you’ll probably want to take some notes — I know a great service…

      How do you win?

      In a perfect world, I’d just keep tday’s prizes for myself, but apparently that’s not how it works. Instead, we’ll give both prizes away to one lucky winner, chosen by random draw. To enter, tell us the title of your favorite business-related book, and why it’s your favorite, in the comments on this post.

      I’m going to be incredibly unoriginal here in declaring The Cluetrain Manifesto as my favorite. Cluetrain gave me the first inkling that marketing — indeed, business in general — didn’t have to be sleazy, that it could be personal and friendly and about relationships and not just about consumption. So that’s my answer — what’s yours?

      Make sure you enter a valid email address where asked – it won’t be shared publicly and we never send spam.

      Entry for this contest will close at 12 NOON, PST, on Friday, the 5th of September. Winners will be chosen by random drawing – entries will not be judged. I will compile the best advice for a future post on reader’s recommendations, so by entering you give Lifehack permission to quote your comment. The prize will be sent direct from our sponsor.

      That’s all folks!

      I don’t know about you, but I’m bushed! 10 giveaways in 10 days, for great prizes from great people. And the response has been amazing — 100s of you have entered, and you’ve left some great advice for the rest of the Lifehack community to learn from. I’ll be compiling some of this advice in posts to come throughout September.

      Don’t forget to enter the rest of the contests from this week in the Lifehack Great Big Summer Giveaway. I’ll be drawing winners for the first week’s contests over the weekend, and will announce winners at the beginning of next week. The second week’s winners will be drawn the following weekend.

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      I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have. I want to thank all of our great sponsors, and I hope you’ll pay them all a visit and give them your patronage. Their generosity made the Lifehack Great Big Summer Giveaway possible, and their products will make your life better. Guaranteed.

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