Summer Giveaway: Work 2.0

Summer Giveaway: Work 2.0


    Yesterday, I asked you about the hardware and software you use to get things done. TOday, I want to expand on that: How have the new web technologies – social media, web 2.0, interactivity, cloud computing, etc. – affected the way you do your job? Or even created your job?

    Today’s winner will be ready to attack the Web with two years of web hosting from powerMonster and a copy of PhraseExpress to automate repetitive tasks.



      powerMonster offers web hosting with quality, service, value, and integrity. With three data centers around the US, nightly off-site backups, and 24/7 tech support, powerMonster’s clients enjoy unparalleled security and performance. Plus, every account comes with a free domain name and unlimited subdomains, FTP accounts, and email lists.

      The monsterSlayer plan is powerMonster’s top tier service, with 15GB of disk storage, 150GB of bandwidth, and as many hosted domains, mySQL databases, and email accounts as you want. Ideal for personal and family sites, as well as small businesses. (Retail price: $270 US)

      PhraseExpress Pro

       PhraseExpress Pro saves you time and energy by automatically replacing selected words and keystrokes with boilerplate text. Snippets of text are cattegorized binto groups you create, and are available at any time from the Windows task tray – or can be inserted on the fly when you enter certain trigger words. PhraseExpress also allows you to save snippets to the clipboard and organize them on the fly. THe base version for home users is free; PhraseExpress Pro allows for commercial use. (Retail proce: $49.95)


      How do you win?

      I want to know how web 2.0 – however you define it – is changing the way you work. For example, knowing I can access my work in progress from just about anywhere has completely changed my attitude about where and when I can work – I know I can get a few minutes of work in between classes, and another couple minutes on my BlackBerry while I walk to my car. These “micro-minutes” of work simply weren’t possible a few years ago, but for a writer like me, they make a world of difference.

      Since it’s a contest about web 2.0, I wanted a web 2.0-ish way to enter, so here’s the deal: post your answer into the Lifehack FriendFeed Room. If you aren’t already a member, you’ll have to join, but I think you’ll find FriendFeed well worth the effort.

      If you haven’t shared anything in a FriendFeed room before, here’s what youdo:


      1. Join the Lifehack FriendFeed Room.
      2. Click the “Share Something” button at the top.
      3. Type in your message and make sure the “Share to” drop-down says “Lifehack”.
      4. Your comment will appear instantly below. Click where it says “More” and select “Link to this entry”.
      5. A new page will open up, with just your post. COpy the URL and come back to this post and paste it into a comment. You have to do this so we have a way to contact you if you win (and so I can sort out the entries from the usual flow of comments in the Lifehack FriendFeed Room).

      The winner will be chosen by random drawing from everyone who has left a link in the comments on this post by 12:00 Noon PST on Thursday, September 4th. The drawing will be done by random number generator within a few days of the close of the drawing. All links will be verified.

      The prizes will be sent direct from our sponsors.

      Stay Tuned!

      We’re kicking off the second week of the Lifehack Great Big Summer Giveaway with a great prize, but there’s still plenty of other great prizes on their way! Tomorrow’s the last day, and we go out with a bang – a lucky winner will receive:


      • A leather computer bag, made of Rawlings baseball glove leather, from Sports Accessories, and
      • A $100 Amazon gift credit from Ubernote.

      Don’t forget to enter last week’s contests in the Lifehack Great Big Summer Giveaway. Don’t forget to write a blog post about work and style to win the JoJo Laptop Tote in Monday’s contest! We’ll be announcing winners for the first week early next week, after Labor Day. And check back every day this week for more chances to win!

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