Summer Giveaway: Reading and Relaxation

Summer Giveaway: Reading and Relaxation


    Nothing says “relaxation” more than a good book. Whether it’s a fascinating account of the lives or events of long ago or far away (or maybe just across town), or a fantastic voyage to other worlds, or a careful description of the latest scientific discoveries, let me lose myself in a good book.

    Summer is especially good for reading (though if you live in a state with “weather”, winter’s are pretty good too – long nights, raging snow or freezing wind outside, a fire on the hearth, a lap blanket, it doesn’t get much better). Summer finds us traveling, sitting poolside (or in an aisle seat) for hours – what better time to catch up?


    At the same time, though, tradition demands that summer reading entertain at least as much as it engages our deeper thinking selves. While War and Peace or Moby Dick might have their place on our winter nightstand, they feel out of place in our beach bag.

    Or maybe not. Maybe you’re a Complete Works of Shakespeare and suntan lotion kind of person. Whatever your particular literary poison, you’ll have a chance to pick your pleasure if you’re today’s winner, to the tune of $100 at Amazon’s bookstore.

    Today’s Sponsor is Meryl K. Evans, The Content Maven

    Meryl Evans is a writer and blogger with tons of commercial and corporate writing experience. She’s the author of Brilliant Outlook Pocketbook and the co-author of Adapting to Web Standards: CSS and Ajax for Big Sites. And she’s written for a couple of games, like Fib-or-Not? and Meet, Mix, and Mingle. And check out her blog, Meryl’s Notes – she’s been blogging since mid-2000, longer than just about everyone I’ve met.


    She likes words. And when we asked for sponsors for this here Great Big Summer Giveaway, she wanted to give you lots and lots of words. $100 worth, to be exact, chosen by you from the Amazon bookstore. So today’s winner will win a $100 gift credit to Amazon, courtesy of Ms. Evans.

    How do you win?

    Because today’s giveaway is all about relaxing, I’m not going to make you work too hard. Just let us know your favorite summer book in the comments on this post, with a short note about why you love it.

    My favorite last summer was The Giver, by Lois Lowry. The Giver is a young adult book that I checked out for my step-son and ended up reading and loving myself. It’s an easy read – being directed at kids and all – but raises tough ethical questions about the individual’s responsibilities towards their society – and where those responsibilities end.


    Make sure you enter a valid email address where asked – it won’t be shared publicly and we never send spam.

    Entry for this contest will close at 12 NOON, PST, on Friday, the 29th of August. Winners will be chosen by random drawing – entries will not be judged. I will compile the best advice for a future post on reader’s recommendations, so by entering you give Lifehack permission to quote your comment. The prize will be sent direct from our sponsor.

    Stay Tuned!

    That wraps up the first week of the Lifehack Great Big Summer Giveaway, but we’re only halfway done! We’ll be giving away prizes related to the working life every day next week, including:


    • Copies of ActiveWords which allows you to trigger Windows actions with keystrokes and word commands.
    • A JoJo laptop bag from CareerBags, who offer a line of accessories expressly designed for career women.
    • More gorgeous wallets from our good friends at dbclay.
    • Copies of PhraseExpress v.5, a text snippets program to help you save time with repetitive tasks.
    • “Files, Folders, and Tags” from Popular Productivity, which brings tagging to your desktop files.
    • Two years of hosting from powerMonster under their monsterSlayer plan: 10 GB disk space and 150GB of traffic with an included domain name.
    • The Ultimate Guy’s Computer Bags, made of Rawlings baseball glove leather, from Sports Accessories.
    • A $100 Amazon gift credit from Ubernote.
    • And more goodies from Vat19 , this time their Sterling Silver Wallet Pen.

    Don’t forget to enter the rest of the contests in the Lifehack Great Big Summer Giveaway. And check back every day next week for more chances to win!

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