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Summer Giveaway: Living Your Values at Home


We all know about using the recycling bin and using reusable grocery bags, but how else can we live our values at home — whether they’re environmental, political, religious, moral, social, or otherwise?

Sam Davidson and Stephen Moseley tackle the question of living according to your values in their book New Day Revolution, along with dozens of tips for bringing positive action into every part of your day. The winner of today’s contest will receive a copy of the book, plus an environmentally-friendly coffee mug and a bag of Fair Trade coffee to drink from it.

But that’s not all! The folks at dbclay wallets seem to have the knack of living by their values, creating wallets that are not only gorgeous but eco-friendly as well — made of tough yet bio-degradable materials. A dbclay wallet is something you can be proud to keep in your pocket as a constant reminder that art and ethics can go hand-in-hand.

To win, we’re asking for your thoughts on living your values. But first, let’s see more about these prizes.

New Day Revolution

New Day Revolution
New Day Revolution shows you how to make big changes in the world by making small changes in your everyday life. For example,walking into the Starbucks to get your coffee, rather than going through the drive-through, saves gas and gives you a little exercise, allows you a moment or two of social interaction, and probably won’t take any more time than the drive-through — in fact, if there are cars in front of you, it might be even quicker. It might not end the world’s problems, but it’s a good way to express your values, and if enough people follow your lead, it brings us a step closer to a better day. Learn more about Davidson and Moseley’s book in my review of New Day Revolution.

Cool Coffee Combo
The Cool People Care Eco-Friendly Travel Mug is made of renewable corn plastic, not petroleum-based plastic, and comes with a bag of Higher Ground Fair Trade coffee. Not only does Fair Trade mean the people who grew and harvested the coffee beans were paid a decent, livable wage for their work (exploitation and even slavery are rampant in the coffee industry), but the makers of Higher Ground dedicate a portion of their proceeds to preserving the Appalachian Trail — and it tastes great. A win-win-win all around. (Retail price of book+coffee+mug: $32)

dbclay Wallet

dbclay "Thrower" wallet

The folks at dbclay know a thing or two about backing up your values with action. They produce wallets that even Picasso would be proud to carry — gorgeous, colorful, creative images printed onto practical wallets with 2 large money-sized pockets and 4 ID/credit card slots.

And they’re made of “Tope”, a durable, heat- and cold-resistant, waterproof, nontoxic, PVC-free synthetic fabric, and printed with environmentally-friendly inks.

The winner will get their choice of dbclay “Version 3.1” wallets, subject to availability. (Retail price: $48)

How do you win?

To win this great prize package, just leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on turning your values into practical action in your day-to-day life.

Make sure you enter a valid email address where asked – it won’t be shared publicly and we never send spam.

Entry for this contest will close at 12 NOON, PST, on Thursday, the 28th of August. Winners will be chosen by random drawing – entries will not be judged. I will collect the best tips for a future post on home organization, so by entering you give Lifehack permission to quote your comment. The prizes will be shipped direct from our sponsors.

Stay Tuned!

We’re not even halfway done yet! There’s still more on the way. We’ll be giving away prizes related to home life and relaxation all week, and next week we’ll have even more prizes for your working life.

Tomorrow, we’ll be giving away:

  • A $100 Amazon gift certificate from Meryl, the Content Maven.

And then we start over with another round of prizes on Monday!

Don’t forget to enter the rest of the contests in the Lifehack Great Big Summer Giveaway. And check back every day this week and next for more chances to win!

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