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Summer Giveaway: Let’s Organize Stuff

Written by Dustin Wax
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    Welcome to Day 2 of the Lifehack Great Big Summer Giveaway. Today, let’s talk about organizing your home.

    Keeping your house, apartment, shack, or cardboard box organized and presentable is a constant struggle for most of us. There never seems to be enough space for all our stuff – and if we do find a place to put everything, we can never seem to find it again when we need it.

    Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win a year’s subscription to The Clutter Diet and you’ll have professional organizers on-call 24 hours a day. But what about the rest of us? What can we do, right now, to straighten out the mess our home is in?

    Tell us your answer and we’ll send you out a Rubbermaid Collapsible Cargo Crate to move your stuff around in.

    The Rubbermaid Collapsible Cargo Crate

      Rubbermaid is a leader in developing high-quality, innovative storage and organization solutions for the home – helping make everyday life a little easier. Widely recognized and trusted, Rubbermaid designs and manufactures a full line of consumer products to store goods and keep homes, kitchens, closets, garages and outdoor living spaces clean and organized.

      The  Rubbermaid Collapsible Cargo Crate is a great example of that innovation at work. In use, it’s a 17 3/4” cube with wheels and an extendable aluminum handle, perfect for hauling books, groceries, files, tools, or any other load up to 40 lbs. When not in use, it collapses to just over 3” thick, allowing you to store it handily in a cupboard, on the wall, or in the truck of your car. And it’s built with Rubbermaid toughness, for years of use. (Retail Price: $30)

      How do you win?

      This one’s easy – just leave a comment on this post with your favorite or most unusual tip for keeping your home organized. I’ll start you off with one:

      • Create a space by your door to be a “drop-off” point for keys, bags, and shoes. We use an entry table with bins for “pocket stuff”, a basket underneath for shoes, and a hook for purses.
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      Make sure you enter a valid email address where asked – it won’t be shared publicly and we never send spam.

      Entry for this contest will close at 12 NOON, PST, on Tuesday, the 26th of August. Winners will be chosen by random drawing – entries will not be judged. I will collect the best tips for a future post on home organization, so by entering you give Lifehack permission to quote your comment. The prize will be shipped direct from Rubbermaid.

      Stay Tuned!

      There’s plenty more to come! We’ll be giving away prizes related to home life and relaxation all week, and next week we’ll have even more prizes for your working life.

      Later this week, we’ll be giving away:

      • An aromahand aromatherapy pillow, combining the power of human touch and aromatherapy.
      • A $100 Amazon gift certificate from Meryl, the Content Maven.
      • A copy of New Day Revolution, along with a coffee mug and a bag of Fair Trade coffee from the good folks at Cool People Care.
      • Gorgeous wallets from our good friends at dbclay wallets.
      • A SleepMate White Noise Machine from Vat19, so you can get a better and more restful night’s sleep.
      • And because your bananas deserve the best protection available, we’ll be giving away a couple of Banana Bunkers from Vat19.

      And don’t forget to enter yesterday’s contest to win a full year’s subscription to The Clutter Diet!

      Check back every day this week and next for the daily contest in Lifehack’s Great Big Summer Giveaway!

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