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Productive Magazine #3 Now Out!

The new issue of Productive Magazine is out, featuring an interview with Canadian Coach of the Year Michael Bungay-Steiner, author of Find Your Great Work. The other stories in this issue include:

  • Alex Fayle, “The Number One Spot Is for Losers”
  • Art Carden, Review of Making It All Work
  • Laura Stack, “I Spend Waaaay Too Much Time On…”
  • James Mallinson, “The 5 Big Reasons Why You Fall Off the Productivity Wagon”
  • Alex Shalman, “11 Practical Ways to Jump Out of a Lazy Rut”
  • Mike Vardy, “The Vacationary”
  • Thomas Groel, “10 Signs You Are in the GTD Trap”

As always, Productive Magazine is available for download absolutely free, though you can also order printed paper versions at the website. If you have any topics you’d like to see covered, please contact me and I’ll see what I can do!

Note: Productive Magazine is not affiliated with Lifehack in any way, besides through me. I am an editor of Productive Magazine and sometimes a contributor.

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