New Lifehack Community and Looking for new Leaders

New Lifehack Community and Looking for new Leaders

New Lifehack Community

Recently we have received some comments which you want to see improvements on our lifehack community. Some of you also wanted to have a place for further discussion on your productivity issues, lifestyle concerns, or simply share your tips and tricks. We heard you and now we present you with a new forums for discussion!

With near two years of experience at, I found out there are numbers of big topic that we concern in our life and wanted to find better ways to handle them. We have divided our discussion forum to following topics:


Communication: Presentation, Writing, Small-talk, Blogging, etc…
Productivity: Motivation, Procrastination, Time Management, Planning…
Management: Entrepreneurship, People Management, Self Management, Project Management…
Lifestyle: Health, Diet, Exercise, Sleeping…
Financial: Money, Investment, Debt…
Technology: Tools, PDA, Hardware, Software, Web Apps…

Readers, enjoy the new community! Either myself, Kyle, Craig and the community leaders will help you along the way.


Looking for Community Leaders

As a community is formed, we need new leaders. For anyone who is an expert or really interested in those areas, you may want to be a moderator or a leader. There are reasons to contribute at a community. You may be good at communication, but wanted to develop your management and leadership skills in an online community. You may enjoy helping others with your ability and knowledge, believing that helping other will gain more values and new insights along the way.

Moderators and leaders will be responsible on creating and facilitating the discussion (for instance, create new topics for discussion, lead users to discuss the topic constructively), whereas moderator will also be responsible on forum moderation (for instance, rename, move and delete inappropriate topics and spam replies).


If you are interested to contribute in the community, contact me at leon at and nominate yourself with the information:

  • Who are you? What are your interests? Do you own a web site?
  • Why you would like to be moderator/leader?
  • Which topic are you interested?
  • What is your level of its knowledge?
  • Are you good at creating and leading a discussion?
  • How much time can you devote to contribute and moderate?
  • Do you have experience on forum moderation? Do you have experience in forum software like vBulletin?

We will accept maximum of two moderators in each forum, but we can accept more than two leaders in a forum. Both role will gain access to a leader discussion forum where we will talk about administration side and new ideas for the community.

Advertising Community Forums

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Once you log in Lifehack, you are expected to see this section at the top of homepage.

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