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Site News Giveaway, Week 4: We're Not Done Yet!

Win a db clay Wallet!

Fourth week of January, fourth chance to win a piece of art for your pocket: the incredible db clay wallet! We’ve giving away three so far, and we’re giving away two more — one for each week in January. Enter each week (but you can only win once).


db clay wallets are beautiful and functional. Imagine the envy people will feel when they see you whip one of these artistic masterpieces out of your pocket.

They’re made made of eco-friendly “Tope”, a durable, heat- and cold-resistant, waterproof, nontoxic, PVC-free synthetic fabric, printed with environmentally-friendly inks. They’re beautiful and have a conscience!


Of course, a wallet is meant to be functional, and it’s main function is to hold your money. So how do you make sure you have money to keep in it? That’s the question we want to pose to you this week: to enter, leave a tip for your fellow readers about living within your means and keeping a budget. (Don’t forget you your name and email address so we can contact you if you win). We’re not judging entries (but try to be reasonable — help us out, here!)we just thought it would be a nice thing to offer the community. The winner will be randomly selected, and we’ll let you know if you won by the end of next week.


Of course, this being the web and all, we do have to keep up our usual spam filtering, and entries deemed “spam” by our filters will be approved only at the will of our administrators. We’ll do our best to make sure all legitimate entries are counted. Entries must be in by next Wednesday (the 30th) at midnight (Pacific Standard Time). db clay has agreed to ship the prizes directly, and they’ve been really good about filling winners’ requests. To learn more about db clay wallets, check out their website at, and read their blog, evil backwards.

Let us know your budgeting tips in this post’s comments to be entered in this week’s drawing. Good luck!

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