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Lifehack Reader Survey 2011

UPDATE: Wow, you guys are amazing! In under two hours, you maxed out the number of responses the long form survey could support!

The long form survey is now closed, but please keep responding to the short form version of the survey. And thanks again for all your help!

Hey Lifehack Fans!

We need your help! As part of our continuing efforts to make the best that it can be, we’re conducting a survey of our readers. We want your feedback because we want to tailor the site to your needs, and gauge how happy you are with the current types of content we provide. And because we really want to hear from you, we’ve got two ways you can help us out.

Only have a few minutes to spare? Fill out the short form version of the survey, which consists of 10 brief questions.

Have some time to kill? We have a 20-question, long form reader survey that asks some more in-depth questions.

Whichever survey you choose, we thank you for taking the time to help us improve Lifehack! And if you have any extra feedback you’d like to give, please leave us additional comments below!

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