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Lifehack Great Big Summer Giveaway Winners: Week 1

Written by Dustin Wax
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    Summer’s drawing to a close and so is the Lifehack Great Big Summer Giveaway. The entries are all in, the tips are all blogged, posted, tweeted, and FriendFeeded, and I’m working my way through the drawings.

    Here, then, are the winners of the contests from Week One of the Great Big Summer Giveaway. Remember, all winners were chosen by random drawing, not according to the quality of their entries.

    1. How do you balance your work and home life?
      Prize: One-Year subscription to The Clutter Diet

      The Clutter Diet puts a team of Professional Organizers – including our own Lorie Marrero, creator of The Clutter Diet – at your disposal to help you whip your house into shape.

      Winner: Bon Temps

    2. Let’s Organize Stuff!
      Prize: The Rubbermaid Collapsible Cargo CrateThe Rubbermaid Collapsible Cargo Crate is a great example of Rubbermaid innovation at work. In use, it’s a 17 3/4” cube with wheels and an extendable aluminum handle, perfect for hauling books, groceries, files, tools, or any other load up to 40 lbs. When not in use, it collapses to just over 3” thick, allowing you to store it handily in a cupboard, on the wall, or in the truck of your car. And it’s built with Rubbermaid toughness, for years of use.

      Winner: Norris

    3. Let’s Relax!
      Prize: The Sleepmate 980A White Noise Machine from vat19, The aromahand aromatherapy pillow, and the Banana Bunker, also from vat19. The Sleepmate 980A is a white noise generator featuring two power levels and controls to modify the tone and volume of its white noise, allowing you to fine-tune your own custom-made personal “cone of quiet”. It’s tiny size – less than 6” in diameter and about 3” tall – and 8’ long power cord let you place it just about anywhere, so you always have your personal peaceful zone.

      The aromahand aromatherapy pillow combines the power of human touch with the soothing properties of aromatherapy. Shaped like a hand, the aromahand is filled with lavender, sage, and other organic scents to fill you with calmness and serenity. Flaxseed stuffing gives it firmness and moldability, so you can place it where is most comfortable for you.

      Made of tough but flexible plastic, the Banana Bunker can be easily shaped to protect any banana, keeping its precious banana-y goodness from being squished, squashed, or even smashed. Perfect for school lunchboxes as well as briefcases and purses, a Banana Bunker gives you piece of mind and perfect bananas, every time.

      Winner: Katie

    4. Living Your Values at Home
      Prize: A copy of New Day Revolution with an eco-friendly coffee cup and bag of fair trade coffee from Cool People Care, and a “Version 3.1″ wallet from dbclayNew Day Revolution shows you how to make big changes in the world by making small changes in your everyday life.

      The Cool People Care Eco-Friendly Travel Mug is made of renewable corn plastic, not petroleum-based plastic, and comes with a bag of Higher Ground Fair Trade coffee. Not only does Fair Trade mean the people who grew and harvested the coffee beans were paid a decent, livable wage for their work (exploitation and even slavery are rampant in the coffee industry), but the makers of Higher Ground dedicate a portion of their proceeds to preserving the Appalachian Trail — and it tastes great.

      dbclay produces wallets that even Picasso would be proud to carry — gorgeous, colorful, creative images printed onto practical wallets with 2 large money-sized pockets and 4 ID/credit card slots. And they’re made of “Tope”, a durable, heat- and cold-resistant, waterproof, nontoxic, PVC-free synthetic fabric, and printed with environmentally-friendly inks.

      Winner: Kathleen

    5. Reading and Relaxation
      Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Credit from Meryl K. Evans, The Content MavenMeryl Evans is a writer and blogger with tons of commercial and corporate writing experience. She’s the author of Brilliant Outlook Pocketbook and the co-author of Adapting to Web Standards: CSS and Ajax for Big Sites. And she’s written for a couple of games, like Fib-or-Not? and Meet, Mix, and Mingle. Check out her blog, Meryl’s Notes – she’s been blogging since mid-2000, longer than just about everyone I’ve met.

      Winner: Becky

    Each of the winners should already have received an email from me notifying them and putting them in touch with the sponsor for their prize(s). If your name appears above and you haven’t received an email from me yet, be sure to let me know at dustin at lifehack.org

    Special thanks go to all our sponsors, who have been generous to a fault. This contest – and all the great tips it provoked – couldn’t have been possible without their support.

    Winners from Week Two are forthcoming. Stay tuned!

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