Last Call for Summer Giveaway Sponsors

Last Call for Summer Giveaway Sponsors

There’s still time to sign up as a sponsor of our Great Big Summer Giveaway. We’ll be giving away a prize (or prize package) a day for two weeks in August, with the theme of “Work-Life Balance”. The first week, we’ll be giving away prizes related to the home and relaxation; the second, prizes that help people work better, faster, or just with more style.

We’ve had a great response from potential sponsors, but there’s still room for a few more.

Our Sponsors So Far

Take a minute to visit some of the great companies and sites that have already offered to take part in the Great Big Summer Giveaway:


  • ActiveWords allows you to trigger Windows actions with keystrokes and word commands – and entrants will have a chance to win it.
  • aromahand volunteered their “aromahand” aromatherapy pillow, combining the power of human touch and aromatherapy.
  • CareerBags is offering one of their best-selling JoJo laptop totes.
  • Our own Lorie Marrero is offering a 1-year subscription to The Clutter Diet, a home organization program that’s like a diet for your home.
  • Our good friends at dbclay wallets are offering items from their newly released line of beautiful wallets.
  • Meryl, the Content Maven, wants to give a lucky winner their choice of books with a $100 Amazon gift certificate.
  • PhraseExpress donated copies of its text snippets program PhraseExpress v.5.
  • Popular Productivity is offering their software package “Files, Folders, and Tags” which brings tagging to your desktop files.
  • powerMonster will give one winner two years of hosting under their monsterSlayer plan: 10 GB disk space and 150GB of traffic with an included domain name.
  • Sports Accessories generously provides one of their Ultimate Guy’s Computer Bags, made of Rawlings baseball glove leather.
  • Ubernote is offering a $100 Amazon gift credit.
  • Vat19 offers a selection of goodies from its warehouse, including the gorgeous Sterling Silver Wallet Pen.

What are we looking for?

If you read Lifehack, you already know people read Lifehack to find out how to work and live better, more efficiently, and with less stress. Any product or service that helps them achieve those goals is welcome: books, lecture CDs, consulting services, software, desk supplies, office equipment, home organizing tools, style and fashion items – and probably dozens of other things I haven’t even thought of. If you’re a retailer, of course, gift certificates or store credit make great prizes, too.

What’s in it for you?

Lifehack has over 70,000 subscribers and tens of thousands of site visitors every day. You’ll be putting your name and a description of your product or service in front of hundreds of thousands of readers, all of whom are interested in what you do.

We’ll be running several posts related to the Great Big Summer Giveaway in the run-up to the contest and during the contest itself. In addition to getting your information in front of readers each time, your site will be linked to from a top-ranked site, one related to your niche – repeatedly.


And of course you’ll be earning the gratitude and goodwill of Lifehack and its readers – no small thing, that.

Here’s what Brian Reeder of db clay wallets had to say about his company’s sponsorship of our giveaways in January:

Working with has been a great experience for db clay. We have seen great results from the giveaway; our sales, traffic, and conversion rate all saw a significant increase because of the consistent quality posts. We continue to see residual sales from this giveaway. I would (and plan to) absolutely work with Leon, Dustin, and the great folks at Lifehack again.

In the wake of our January giveaways, db clay saw a 233% increase in sales over the previous year.

What do you have to do to get involved?

If you’d like to be a sponsor for this giveaway, get in touch with us via the site contact form. Let us know who you are, what prize(s) you’d like to offer, and the approximate dollar value of the prize(s). Also include a short description – around 50 words – that we can use in posts promoting the contest. If there are any limitations, such as not being able to ship to certain countries, please let us know that, too.

Because we want each sponsor to enjoy the maximum exposure for their brand and products, we cannot accept every sponsorship offer. If your product or service is appropriate for Lifehack’s audience, we may ask you to participate in future giveaways where you can receive the attention you deserve.


If you have any questions, please let us know. We’re hoping to put together a great giveaway, something our readers, our sponsors, and we at Lifehack can get really excited about. We’d love for you to be part of it!

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