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Introducing Lifehack Deals: First Up...Sparrow for Mac

Bringing our readers the best ways to level up their lives has always been the top priority here at Stepcase Lifehack. And now we’re about to take it up another notch. Today we’re announcing a partnership with StackSocial as we launch Lifehack Deals.

Starting today, Lifehack visitors will be able to pick up stellar deals on apps, tutorials, bundles and more — directly from Lifehack at savings that will range anywhere from 30-90%. Lifehack Deals will be powered by StackSocial’s platform, which is aimed at helping readers discover and save with bundled apps and tutorials that are perfect for our readership.

But enough announcing…let’s get on to the first Lifehack Deals offer: Sparrow for Mac OS X.

What is Sparrow?

We’ve touched on Sparrow here before at Lifehack, and it’s my email application of choice. Sparrow is an incredibly minimal email application designed to keep things simple and efficient — and get out of your way so can some real work done.

And for a limited time it’s on sale here as our inaugural Lifehack Deals offer for only $6!

Sparrow recently added some additional features to the app, including the following:

  • Dropbox Integration. Now you can drag, drop, send and sync with Sparrow’s Dropbox integration baked right into the app. Send a mail with attachments simply and easily…and sync your files in the cloud at the same time.
  • The Ability to Bock Remote Images. Sparrow now allows for better control of the images displayed in your mail, whether just for one instance or for ongoing ones.
  • Smarter Searching. With its new smart search & Gmail-like tokens, find the mail you’re looking for in a matter of seconds.

There are numerous other reasons why Sparrow is not only better than ever, but is one of the best email applications for those who want to become more efficient and effective with their email inbox. you can find out about all of the features over at the Lifehack Deals page and pick up Sparrow at the low price of only $6 while the offer lasts.

This is a great way for us to kick off Lifehack Deals — and we’re excited to be able to bring our readers great deals like this on a regular basis.

(Photo credit: A Speedometer of Savings via Shutterstock)

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