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Home/Work: The Great Big Summer Giveaway

Written by Dustin Wax
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Home/Work: The Lifehack Great Big Summer Giveaway

    It’s here, folks: The Lifehack Great Big Summer Giveaway! We’ve got some great sponsors, great prizes, and some great contests coming up over the next couple of weeks.

    “Home/Work” is the theme of the giveaway, and over the next two weeks we’ll be asking you, Lifehack’s readers, to tell us how you manage the tricky feat of keeping your home life and your work life organized, productive, and in balance — and sharing some ideas of our own.

    For the next two weeks, we’ll run a giveaway every weekday, with tons of great prizes from our sponsors. Look for the first contest later today! In the meantime, why not pay a visit to some of our sponsors, who all deserve a Great Big Summer Thank You for their cooperation and eager participation. It’s been a pleasure getting to know the people behind the brands over the last month organizing this giveaway.

    • ActiveWords allows you to trigger Windows actions with keystrokes and word commands – and entrants will have a chance to win it.
    • aromahand volunteered their “aromahand” aromatherapy pillow, combining the power of human touch and aromatherapy.
    • CareerBags is offering one of their best-selling JoJo laptop totes.
    • Our own Lorie Marrero is offering a 1-year subscription to The Clutter Diet, a home organization program that’s like a diet for your home.
    • Cool People Care volunteered a copy of Sam Davidson and Stephen Moseley’s New Day Revolution (which I reviewed on Lifehack a few months back), along with a coffee mug and a bag of their Fair Trade coffee.
    • Our good friends at dbclay wallets are offering items from their newly released line of beautiful wallets.
    • Meryl, the Content Maven, wants to give a lucky winner their choice of books with a $100 Amazon gift certificate.
    • PhraseExpress donated copies of its text snippets program PhraseExpress v.5.
    • Popular Productivity is offering their software package “Files, Folders, and Tags” which brings tagging to your desktop files.
    • powerMonster will give one winner two years of hosting under their monsterSlayer plan: 10 GB disk space and 150GB of traffic with an included domain name.
    • Rubbermaid is offering their cool Collapsible Cargo Crate, just the thing for back-to-school moving and storage — or just about any other storage need.
    • Sports Accessories generously provides one of their Ultimate Guy’s Computer Bags, made of Rawlings baseball glove leather.
    • Ubernote is offering a $100 Amazon gift credit.
    • Vat19 offers a selection of goodies from its warehouse, including the gorgeous Sterling Silver Wallet Pen.

    Stay tuned later today for the first of our contests in the Lifehack Great Big Summer Giveaway!

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