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Articles Round-Up for Lifehack.Community

Written by Stanley H
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Good news is that the Lifehack.Community has received a good article source recently. I received a promoise that good article will be selected and present this to the community constantly. Remember, you can register a free account to discuss, ask, or submit your own news and articles and let your voice be heard. RSS feed is available for Lifehack.Community if you interested on getting latest update on community articles.

What is Creativity?

… Good question. We can all be creative; creativity is about making new connections – and that is literally physiologically true within our neurology. Creativity is the mind’s growing edge. It often involves a lot of discovery. By creating new connections you build your brain power and develop mental and interpersonal flexibility which can begin to heighten your ability to do a huge array of things with more and more ease…

How To Stop The Fighting In Your Relationships

For some couples fighting is the fire that keeps their relationships alive. It lets them know the other cares. Many are determined to win a battle that never ends. Others try to right the wrongs they have experienced in the past with someone new. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior is doomed to failure. When we bring baggage from a former relationship into the present, all new relationships simply become a continuation of the past…

Why Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

… As I pushed against the pedals of my bike during a recent bike (spin) class at the gym, I observed my own discomfort rise as the intensity of the class increased. Confronted with both physical and emotional discomfort, I became consciously aware that I had two primary choices in response to my pain. Each of these responses would impact differently on my outcome and results. So what result could I expect to achieve by stepping out of my comfort zone?…

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